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Summer allergies? (M)


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I was sitting outside on the front grassy area of my apartment complex today, when a 20-something guy walked out of one of the buildings. He was taller, fairly trim, with very short sandy blonde hair. Overall, pretty good looking! Not seconds after he'd stepped down the stairs did he sneeze one big "Histchoo!"

But the thing that made it really special was he already had a used-looking kleenex in hand. As he sneezed, he clamped it over his nose, and then wiped. He carried it in his hand as he walked away and the look on his face clearly said "I'm sick of this!"

I LOVE summer sneezes! *sits outside on the front steps, cone in hand, and keeps a lookout for sneezy boys!* :winkkiss:

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Lovely. He may be sick of it, but you certainly get to enjoy the show. :P

Hopefully this continues. :whistle:

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Mmmm, yes, I do hope you see more cute, sneezy, allergy ridden men. Poor things. :whistle:

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Oohhh, lovely obs! :whistle: Allergy sneezes... *purrs* Lucky you!

Thank you for sharing!

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let's have a lookout post...by the flowers...and the beach...and the sun...with no AC in summer (must stay out in sun...) and no heater in winter (shame, now thye're all got a cold huh?) :drool: :drool:

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