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I'm thinking that delicious Victor must have seasonal allergies, since we spent six weeks dating with no sneezing, and now he is suddenly providing me with such a lot of sneezy pleasure. I had him on the phone tonight and got a lovely "Assshooooooo," not particularly loud, with a long breathy sighing release. This was followed immediately by a very loud and desperate-sounding "AAAIEEEEEEsshhhhhoooooo!" with the same sort of release. No sniffling, no nose-blowing; I didn't acknowledge his sneezing, and neither did he.

More to come, I hope.

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Those sound just absolutely wonderful! Here's hoping there are more! Get as much as you can out of whatever seems to be making him sneeze so much! :laugh: And as always, thanks for sharing with us!

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So it sounds like he also sneezes doubles too - and good ones.

I meant to say after your second posting that he only seems to stifle out of politeness to you, and he sneezes openly when there is no one within range. This suggests that he is just polite and not "sneezally" retentive.

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Yes, I think so too, Atchoum . . . perhaps as he knows me better, he'll be less polite. At least I can hope so -- although the politeness does have a certain charm to it as well.

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the politeness does have a certain charm to it as well.

mmmmmmm, I know what you mean!!!

Lovely phone obs!!! If I might be so bold ... I think you should bless him next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:

And ... double sneezers???? They are the best :evil:



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Thanks, Juliette! I have blessed him in person, and he doesn't react, so I'm reluctant to continue, lest he be one of those sneezers who gets self-conscious when someone acknowledges his sneezing. If I ever hear him bless someone else, I'll probably start blessing him again. :twisted:

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