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hayfever's here again! (self obs M sneezing and blowing)


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hi all

I thought maybe I'd get away with it, some years my hayfever doesn't seem to bother me much other years it's bad, no idea why! Anyway woke up this morning and soon started sneezing. I usually sneeze doubles and they're usually fairly dry unless my hayfever's acting up. Anyway, this morning started sneezing doubles, I guess I sneezed about 4 doubles in the first hour I was awake. All the sneezes needed a good blow afterwards. I grabbed a clean large white hanky from my drawer and unfolded it and blew my nose. I can usually just blow a couple of honks and that gets things clear but today after each lot of sneezes I needed to blow each nostril a good few times the blows were really wet and then I blew both nostrils together for about 3 honks. So far today I'm on my second hanky. I'm going out tonight so I'll make sure I take at least one clean hanky with me.

Is anyone else needing to blow a lot at the moment?


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Bless you! I, too, am blowing my nose a lot today, as I'm getting over a cold and have allergy symptoms to boot! I'm currently on hanky number two, and it's only mid-afternoon here. Good luck tonight, but take my advice and carry two hankies!

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