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Well alot of sneezy boys...


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Well, I'm new to this site and I figure you probably don't know me. I've been reading alot of the observations and stories, but haven't necessarily gotten around to joining. Until now that is.


So I have alot to post, and I've been waiting forever to post it. So I guess I'll start with the more recent.

There is this boy, in my 2nd period History class, who seems to have a fair bit of allergies. Lucky for me no? :lol:

So, I hadn't seen him sneeze before, so I kept glancing at him the whole time. I figured, "what the heck? It's worth a shot no?"

So I'm waiting patiently, and I catch a hitching of breath. I turn sharply, and catch him sneezing into his fist. "Heashoo!"

So cute :innocent:

Feh, his face was all red for some reason. It WAS quiet and maybe he thought he disturbed the lesson or something. I didn't notice.

Of COURSE I blessed him right? Yes.

:hug: Interested in knowing what he looks like? *sigh* Fine. He's not entirely HOT but he's fairly cute. He has short brown hair, and he's very skinny. His eyes are gorgeous and when you talk to him he definately is listening. Or he's pretending (very well) to listen.

Not good enough? Get over it. :lol:

Ok, then in fourth period language arts, he was reading this paper thing. I have no idea what it is because I was too far to see it.

I think I have magical powers, because I was waiting for him to sneeze again and he did! :)

Again, into the fist. "Akshhooo!" So adorable.

The odd part was, he held his fist there for a moment, expecting another. There wasn't :wheels:

That's it.

Then, a while ago, there's this other kid in my science class. I've known him forever, and we seem to get along great.

Description, *sigh*, long-ish black hair and GORGEOUS brown eyes. Kinda muscular, and sort of kiddish face that you can't help but fall in love with.

So anyway, I heard him sneeze one time but I was fairly disappointed for my friend kept talking to me and blah blah blah... I didn't see anything.

But this time, he was sitting right next to me. "Eashoo!" He gave me only a second to react though! So I was like "Bless yo-"

"Thanks for blessing me Lily, now I'm going to die!" He said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. I guess he didn't hear me. I blessed him! Goshhhh! :D

Well that's about it. Again, I'm new, so if you don't like the way I write my observations please tell me. Yes I am aware there might be grammar and spelling mistakes. Give me a break. lol

Luff is appreciated.


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Awww, lovely first obs! The boys sound so cuuute... :rolleyes: Blushing after sneezing, my favorite! :unsure:

Thank you so much for sharing and welcome to the forum!

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Awesome obs! Im glad to see another young face in here like me, lol.

They sound soooo dreamy by your descriptions :P

Pm me sometime and we can have a sneezy chat about all those cute boys. *giggle fit*


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Mmmmm, these obs sounded very adorable. And I'm a firm believer in that whole "sneeze power" idea. :winkkiss: Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing.

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You haven't been following them round working your sneeze power on them, have you?

Welcome to the forum.

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