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I started writing a new story, but I've had some writer's block so I thought I'd post the story and see what you guys think. Let me know if you have any ideas on how I should continue it.

Zack sighed as he felt his nose start to itch again. As usual his allergies were giving him hell. It was his first day of college and he had already sneezed a great deal during his morning classes bringing him unwanted stares, and plenty of bless yous that embarrassed him more than the staring. Now he was sitting at a table in the student lounge trying to go over his notes. He knew trying to hold back the sneezes was useless, so he grabbed a bunch of tissues from his backpack and started sneezing into them.

“Heh…. Heh……… Etchhhoooo! Heshoooo! Hishoooo! Eshooooo! Hetchooo! Eh…eh Hetchhhhoooooooo!” He groaned as he blew his nose then tossing the tissues into the garbage can.

“Geeze Zack can you ever go a day without sneezing your head off?” said his friend Andy who was sitting across the table from him. Zack rolled his eyes. The two of them had been friends since middle school, Andy was one of those hyperactive types and he thought Zack’s allergies were a riot, and had even on occasion done things to make Zack sneeze more. Andy had matured somewhat since then but still poked fun every now and then.

“Yea that’s right go on and make fun of the pathetic walking allergy.” Said Zack and they both laughed.

“Hey did you know that girl has been checking you out?” asked Andy pointing to an attractive girl sitting a few tables down.

Zack glanced at the girl, “Very funny, she’s probably just staring at my constant sneezing.” Zack had never had a real girlfriend, it seemed that every girl he was interested in just couldn’t put up with his allergies.

“Dude, don’t put yourself down, I know when a girl is checking someone out and she’s totally into you.”

Zack looked at the girl again, she smiled shyly at him. She was quite beautiful, she had long auburn hair, sparkling green eyes, a pale milky complexion, and a slender yet generous figure. His attentions wavered as he felt the need to sneeze again, “Ugh, not more……..Heh…. Heshoo! Etchooo! Eshoooo! Hetchoooo!” he sighed as he blew his nose, “Great, now any interest she had in me is probably gone.”

“Well you don’t know unless you try talking to her, look I gotta get to class, let me know how things turned out.” Andy grabbed his stuff and waved as he headed down the hall.

Zack wasn’t quite sure what to do, he did want to introduce himself to the girl, but he was afraid he’d have another sneezing fit and spoil everything, just thinking about it made him want to sneeze. He buried his face in some tissues and let out two particularly loud sneezes. “HET-CHOOO! HISHOOO!” When he looked he saw the girl get up from her table, but to his surprise instead of heading to the door she was walking toward him.

“Hey are you alright?” the girl asked as she stopped in front of his table.

Zack blushed slightly, “Yea, I’m ok. Just really bad allergies is all.”

“Is it always this bad?” she asked looking genuinely concerned.

“Pretty much.” Wanting to change the subject he decided to introduce himself, “My name is Zack by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Zack, I’m Jennifer, Jen for short.” She smiled at him taking in his features, he had dark hair that he wore shoulder length tied back at the base of his neck, light gray eyes, and a slender yet muscular build. He was just her type even without his constant sneezing. She hoped he wouldn’t notice how much his sneezing “interested” her.

As if reading her thoughts Zack turned to the side and started sneezing again, “Heh……. Heh Het-chooo! Hetchoooo! Heshooo! Het-choo! Eshoooo! Hisshooo! Etshoooo!”

“Bless you!” Jen exclaimed, trying to hide how excited this was getting her.

“Thanks” he said and blew his nose thoroughly, “Sorry about that.” He apologized blushing again.

“It’s alright, you can’t help it.” She stopped not knowing quite what else to say, that last bout of sneezing left her practically speechless.

Zack was having difficulty interpreting the situation. The look on Jen’s face was a mixture of wonderment and discomfort, and she couldn’t seem to keep her eyes off him. Without meaning to he let out a nervous laugh, “Oh this is special.”

“What…?” he wasn’t laughing at her was he, surely he couldn’t know what was going on in her head.

“This is possibly the longest conversation I’ve ever had with a girl. Any other girl would have left by now with disgust of my sneezing.” Zack explained.

“Oh” she said with a sigh of relief, “Well I’m not like other girls, I’m one of a kind completely unique in every way.” She giggled. “So you’ve never had a girlfriend?” she couldn’t help asking.

“Um no….” he shook his head sheepishly.

“Sorry, I was just curious. Don’t feel bad about it. I’ve had a handful of dates in my time, but none of them ever lead anywhere. So I’ve never had a significant other either.” Jen confessed.

Zack raised his eyebrows in surprise, he couldn’t believe that this beautiful angel was almost as untouched as he was. “Wow, from looking at you I’d think you could have any guy you wanted.”

Jen blushed and shrugged her shoulders, “Things aren’t always what they seem…” and her voice trailed off.

Zack figured it was either now or never if he was going to ask her out. “Um I know we just met, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in going out sometime?”

“How about now? It’s nearly 1:00 and I’m starving, we could eat at that diner down the street.” Jen suggested hoping that she hadn’t sounded too eager.

Zack was so surprised by her response that he had to mentally slap himself to get any words to come out. “Sure that sounds good.” He replied trying to play it cool, though he was certain that his voice was a bit shaky. If it was Jen didn’t seem to notice. They gathered their things and headed out the door. As soon as they stepped outside Zack’s nose was assaulted by the pollen and dust floating around in the fresh air. He rubbed at his nose trying to alleviate the tickle until they got to the diner. About halfway there he couldn’t stand it anymore, he really had to sneeze. “ehhhh Hushooo Etcshooo Uhhhshoooo Huhhhshooo!” he started sneezing convulsively. “Hushhhhooo Esshooo Uhhtshoooo Hesshooo!”

Jen didn’t say anything but smiled sympathetically and handed Zack some tissues from her purse. He took the tissues gratefully and sneezed into them violently. “Eshhooo Uhhhshooo Heshoooo!” He blew his nose discreetly and continued holding the tissues over his nose to prevent inhaling any more allergens. “Thanks Jen you’re a live saver.” Zack said in a stuffy voice.

“Yea I’m the pineapple flavored one.” She joked. Jen always felt a little humor helped lighten tense situations. “Come on, I think it’s best that we get you inside.” Zack nodded as she took his hand and hurried him into the diner.

“Jen why don’t you get us a table, I’m gonna go to the rest room and clean myself up real quick, ok?” said Zack knowing that he must look like a complete mess from all the sneezing.

"Alright, I'll be over there.'' Jen pointed to one of the booths.

"Ok, be back in a few minutes." In the rest room Zack blew his nose thoroughly and washed his face trying to reduce the red appearance that his nose had acquired. His nose still tickled a bit, but he knew he couldn't stay in there forever. He just hoped that Jen would continue to be as nice and understanding as she had been.

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Guest cagrules


Nice story, I really enjoyed it! Thanks and feel free to keep it going. Perhaps Jen could start to innocently share her interest and then perhaps he could have a particular fetish of his own he'd been too embarassed to ever share before. Anyhow, I don't write but did want to say it's a good story to continue,


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I managed to get a little more writing done. There isn't too much sneezing in this part, sorry. Mostly just plot and some silly humor. I do plan to keep continuing the story with more sneezing later on.




Zack made his way to the table and sat down across from Jen. "The waitress gave us our menus while you were gone." said Jen handing him one. "So how long have you been going to school here?"

"This is my first semester, what about you?"

"I took a couple of classes over the summer, but this my first full semester too." Jen answered, then turned back to her menu. "I think I'll just get a burger and some lemonade, none of that fancy stuff for me."

Zack smiled, her sense of humor was just so cute. "Sounds good, I'll have the same but with a Coke." He motioned the waitress over and they placed their orders. While they waited for their food they made small talk about school and current movies. Zack was really enjoying himself, he was getting a very good feeling about this girl, he just hoped he was right. When the food arrived Zack caught a strong whiff of perfume from the server that drove his nose into a frenzy of tickles. He grabbed a napkin and turning away from Jen, he started sneezing into it. "Eh... Eshoo! Hesshoo! Etshooo! Essshooo! Hehshooo!" he groaned softly as he blew his nose. "Excuse me."

"Bless you, I had hoped the air-conditioning in here would've made you feel better."

"Oh I'm ok, just that serving lady was wearing some pretty strong perfume, just another thing on my long list of allergens. Don't worry, I'm used to it, I just hope I'm not bothering you." Zack replied finding himself blush again.

"No it doesn't bother me at all." Jen said trying to hide how much his sneezing was turning her on. "So at least I know now not to wear perfume around you, any other allergies I should know about?"

"Well as I said it's a long list, and some of it is a little weird, are you sure you want to hear it?" Zack joked.

"Sure, in fact I'll bet you the cost of our meal that you can't come up an allergy that I've never heard of before." Jen said grinning.

"Ok, I'll take that bet," Zack chuckled, "Pollen, grass, dust, mold, animal hair and dander, certain fabrics like wool and angora, perfume, smoke, and leather. I think that's it, though it's possible I've forgotten some."

"Wow," Jen's eye went wide, and thought this guy is like a dream come true, "Well I must say you got me on the last one, I've never heard of anyone being allergic to leather."

"Yea well it's not actually the leather itself, just sometimes the chemicals they use to process it make me sneeze. Look I'll still pay for lunch even though I won the bet."

"Zack that's really sweet of you, but a bet is a bet, and I have plenty of money so don't worry about it." Before Zack could protest, she waved the waitress over and paid her.

"I promise I'll let you make it up to me later." Jen winked at him.

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Very nice job - maybe Zack has an ass spanking fetish and that was how he found out about the leather allergy first hand, up close and personal....

kidding about the spanky doo - very nice job - very sweet story - do continue!


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Very good. I'm loving this. :lol:

I'm with kitty, though... I think you should turn this into a BDSM type thing. :) Poor Zack... how was he to know that Jen was really a Domme with a wardrobe full of leather outfits that make him sneeze... while she... ahem, oh... sorry. :lol:

Anyways, I love it.


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Very good. I'm loving this. :)

I'm with kitty, though... I think you should turn this into a BDSM type thing. :laugh: Poor Zack... how was he to know that Jen was really a Domme with a wardrobe full of leather outfits that make him sneeze... while she... ahem, oh... sorry. :laugh:

Anyways, I love it.


Very cute! I hope to read more in the future. :D

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