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Email RP Partner?

Liberty Belle

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Looking for a partner to work on a back-and-forth email RP -- you write one character, I write another. I can write either side (or we can do two different stories concurrently), but it has to be M-only, adult-only sneezing.

I can only do hetero fics, and I'm very limited in the # of "fandoms" I'm a member of, so it would either have to be something I know and am familiar with, or -- ideally -- something completely original.

If you have a genre itch that hasn't been scratched, I'm happy to give it a shot, if you're willing to do the same.

Looking for another decent writer. No offense to anyone intended by that, but I put a lot of time and effort into my writing, and I would like to work with someone who has the same level of commitment and skill.

No pressure to keep it going if you get bored -- we can always pick it up and leave it off as real life or other priorities take over. Most days I have time to write during the day, and would like "a little something" to keep me going.

Lemme know!

Best way to reach me is email.

Mod Note: Edited to remove contact info ~Mute

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I'll do it, if you're willing to accept me as a partner.

I know a sufficient number of fandoms, but no anime.

By the way, what do you consider "adult"? twenties?

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I'll do it, if you're willing to accept me as a partner.

Hey Symphony,

I first said yes, but now I have to say no. I just noticed your profile said you were 16. While I don't want to do any sexual RP, the sexual nature of the fetish itself would make that kind of....really illegal, I think. :/ I'm sorry.

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