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girl in a shop (f)


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Today I was in a shop standing in line to buy an ice-cream. There were around 10-12 persons in the line and before me there was a pretty girl, age about 20-22, with a dark hair and very sexy legs (she was wearing a miniskirt). Suddenly she sneezed loudly with a sound like apcheehee. About a minute later she gave another 2 loud sneezes with the same sound. When it was her turn to buy she, with a pre-sneezing expression on her face, said to the saleswoman "Two ice-creams, please" and sneezed again. "Are you sure," the saleswoman asked with a kind smile. "You seems to be coming down with something." The girl said that it was all right and the saleswoman gave her 2 ice-creams. After that the girl didn't sneeze any more.

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