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Post Sneeze Tension


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Sometimes you take notice of some particular aspect of your sneezing that you weren’t aware of before.

For me, I would call it “post-sneeze tension.” I just wondered if anyone else notices this phenomenon when they sneeze.

After you sneeze, your body is in a tensed position. It seems like a time to wait for a signal from your brain that either you are going to sneeze again or that your sneezing session is over for now.

If another sneeze is on the way, your body remains tense and you repeat the process to see if a third is coming or if you’re finished.

When your brain gives the “all clear” sign that your sneezing session has ended, your muscles gradually relax and you may sigh an “ahhhhhh” to indicate you have entered into a relaxed or normal state.

Can anyone relate to this?

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Ya, I can relate.

I do the same thing. It's almost like your body isn't sure for a few seconds whether or not it's going to sneeze again.

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Yesterday I had a weird version of this phenomenon.

I have a cold and the sneezes have arrived (yesterday just sort of slightly more frequent random singles, but today I'm sneezing every few minutes. SO ANNOYING and not enjoyable anymore at ALL. GO AWAY, COLD!), and last night I was sort of trying to push a bit of a stubborn sneeze out as it was taking its time in coming, so I was breathing deeply in, out, in, out, and then the sneeze came at a weird time in my breathing (I hadn't breathed in 100%), and I sneezed sort of like a cough with no beginning "ah-" bit, and then right after it came another smaller cough-like sneeze. It was quite odd. Felt really strange. LOL. It was like a sneeze with a goitre/mini sneeze attached to it.

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