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As if Friday wasn't wonderful enough when hubby woke me up with his sneeze, he treated me to a few more over the weekend, too. :winkkiss:

The next one came again, sometime very early Sunday morning, I think around 2 am. It was his not-quite-so-loud, I don't want to wake anyone except you up type of sneeze. And indeed, I woke up and promptly blessed him. He laughed and said, "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you up." I was like, "That's really okay, it was hot."

On Sunday, we went over to our friends' house for a barbecue. The sun would be out for awhile, and then go away behind some clouds, so I didn't get anything good from hubby at first. But, when I went inside the house to check on one of my kids, I did get a little something from our friend Mark.

To give you a little background, these friends do know about my fetish. Mark has sneezed a few times in front of me, and they are pretty darn nice. He looks like, and you guys will probably laugh when you read this, a shorter version of Steve (Ian Ziering) from Beverly Hills 90210. No kidding! Anyway, he's always telling me how bad his allergies are, and about all of the sneezes I tend to miss from him. So, while I was in their basement, playing with my daughter, I heard him and his wife upstairs in the kitchen. All of a sudden, I hear a really loud, "HURRRAAASSSHHHHOOOOO!" And I knew it was him, and I heard his wife bless him, and they were all laughing! Then I heard him ask loudly where I was. So, I came to the stairs, and he saw me and said, "Did you hear that?" I was like, "Yes, Mark, bless you!"

So, if that wasn't cool enough, we all went back outside, and the sun made another appearance for us. Perhaps he was inspired by Mark's sneeze, I don't know, but from behind me, while I was juggling some baseballs, I hear hubby sneeze, "HUH-ECHOOOO!" And I look back, and he's grinning at me, with his fingers on his right hand curled underneath his nose. It was a very yummy sight!

But oh, he wasn't done! A few minutes after that, we were standing on the patio, and he must have felt another tickle, and he squinted up at the sun, and let out a very nice, half-covered, "HUH-ESHHHOOOO!" And then I blessed him, and he looked at me, with red watery eyes, and sniffled. He said, "I think there's something in my nose, I feel like I'm going to sneeze again." So, he came closer to me, and I was reduced to a smushy little pile of jell-o at this point. His face was stuck in that pre-sneeze face for about twenty seconds, as he grabbed me by my upper arm, and held on. Then, he looked back up at the sun, sneezed right in front of me with a juicy, uncovered, "ESSHHHOOOOO!" To which I said softly, "Bless you." And he sniffled again, and then said, "You're having a good day, aren't you?"

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EEEEE! How utterly hot! I would have melted and died on the spot. What a great weekend for you! If my lover had done that in front of all my friends, I would have proceeded to drag him into the house and rape him senseless. Pure deliciousness.

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A good day indeed! I imagine your husband was rewarded properly later, in private. :angry:

Of course I did. He was properly, ahem, rewarded for such awesome sneezes. :wheels:

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Goodness! I think I'm turning into a smushy little pile of jell-o, too! *Phew* Those were excellent-thanks for keeping us updated!

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Fantastic! And in public too. Congratulations!

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