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Looking for a Hercules


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I'm just wondering, and it's ok if no one's interested, but I REALLY like to RP Disney's Hercules, and I can never find a guy to play Herc, so I always end up writing with another girl, which is fine, but after a while... you just need a man! *lol* I think it would be interesting, so if any of you guys are at all familiar with the characters, would you like to give it a try? We could use AIM or email, me playing Meg and you Herc. There could be sneezes from both characters, if you've ever read any of my fictions it might give you a good idea. I'm willing to do 18+ stories, but nothing really raunchy. Romantic is good. :lol: Ok! That's all I think...um...yes. *looks around* let me know. I'd be happy to illustrate whatever we write.

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I know your looking for a man. My Herc skills are a little rusty, but I could do it I suppose if you can't find anyone else <3

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