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Went out to lunch today with an old friend, let's call her D- and afterwards we stopped in Express to shop a bit. She's a cute little number... a little taller than me, maybe 5'7, with bronzed skin, short dark hair, and a nice body...a little athletic, with the right amount of curves, and a really, really nice bum. :lol:

She's the kind of girl who is beautiful in a completely natural way- she wore her hair pulled back today, no makeup, and just a t-shirt and jeans, but still looked like a knock-out. She's very sweet, and down to earth as well, and i love the hell out of her.

I've only seen her sneeze a few times, and I don't remember them very well, as it's not a very often occurence...but I got lucky enough today to see one up close. I was sifting through a rack and she was leaning against the wall talking to me. There wasn't much of a build-up, and I could tell it hit her very suddenly, because she stopped talking very quickly and brought a hand up, waving it front of her face for a second then only halfway covering the sneeze. I didn't catch the presneeze face in time, but the sneeze was very cute....feminine and medium volume, but with quite a bit of force behind it. It was a half stifle, and the stifle part of it sounded very strained and desperate, like she barely caught it in time, sort of like "huht'xcht uu!" She made a startled noise and kind of laughed afterwards, I think at being caught so off guard.

When we were standing in line to pay, she also had a false start- she made a little whimper noise and brought her hand up to her nose, then stopped and rubbed at it, smiled and said "I thought I was going to sneeze again."

She's one of the very few of my friends that doesn't know about my fetish...so it's nice to be able to enjoy it in private every now and then.

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That was soo seriously CUTE!! omg! >:D

and beautifuly written to, i could picture the whole thing! :)

Lovely obs, thankyou :laugh:

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