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For Aku: fic illustration (M/M)


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Here they are, finally. Sorry it took me so long :drool:

I really hope you like it, Aku :rolleyes:


~ VoOs

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DEAR GOD. My brain just LIQUIFIED into MOLTEN HOTNESS. :wub: Somebody call 911 because Akutenshi has died. Please write me a nice obituary that explains the cause of death and put this picture on my gravestone, thanks. No, wait....then I couldn't drool over the pic anymore....



*stands up shakily*

Hhhnngggh, you draw them SO WELL, I could just DIE.....again! Omg, it's adorable and wonderful and the look on Seph's face is freakin' PRICELESS. Dude, even Mastercard can't buy THAT kind of happiness, holy crapola!! JFSDLKFJDSF look at Abel!!! *SQUEEE!* AAAAHH!!! *FLAILY HANDS*


Okay, I'm cool, I'm cool.

Thank you, THANK YOU!!! :hug::drool: And SSSSSSH, you did NOT take a long time! You were SUPER quick! :wub: Dude, I honestly wish I could pay you for this somehow because I would! I'll just have to pay you in fiction and art for now.....

Yeah, this is SO the background on my computer now. :lol:


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Aww, it was my pleasure (in more than one way :drool: ) And fiction written by Akutenshi is a better payment than I could EVER wish for. :rolleyes:

I know I say this to you like...three time a day, but I SAY IT AGAIN! :drool:

I love you! :wub:

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Wieeee, a pre-face into a tissue (well, sorta :rolleyes: ...ahahah :hug: )! :lol: Sooo lovely! Thanks a lot!

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:lol: i have dissolved into the flaily waza....eeeeeeep!!! oh my so cute......so wonderful......i :rolleyes: it totally!!! i shall now revive Aku....


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Eeeee! Thank you so much, TeaParty and Chui! *blushes* I'm so happy you like it! :laugh:

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:drool: :drool: :drool:

DANG WOMAN! I think I'm gonna run out of words for how amazing you are. Since I just here and babble and drool anyway. :laugh:

The grip on Abel's shoulder was... OhMahGOD, really hot. And where the other hand is...well, Kisa's gonna think about that for a loooooooooong time and be a happy place. *floatyfloat*

And do I even *have* to mention the pre-face is just INSANELY HOT. You are forever win with hotness and I will forever worship it. :twisted:

[sidenote: *twittergigggleroll* Sephiroth has a x-over love for sexysneezy priests. :innocent::lol: ]

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Chancy, Kisa and Doji: ThankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!! :proud:

The grip on Abel's shoulder was... OhMahGOD, really hot. And where the other hand is...well, Kisa's gonna think about that for a loooooooooong time and be a happy place. *floatyfloat*

Heh. Hehehehe. :yes:

*runs away to re-read Aku's fic and DIE of hotness for the 10th time today*

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Guest iffthelurker

Everything that I'm trying to get out from my spasm-y mind right now has been said...


You do the BEST JOB with Abel's pre-sneeze face! And the handkerchief...*DIES* And ohhh, the LOOK on Seph's face! I'd strip and spread in a heartbeat if he EVER turned that look on me!



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What a hot pairing!!! I love both facial expressions...Sephy looks like he's about to just gobble him up and poor Abel looks sooo cute and darn sneezy :wheels:

I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Fifi, Iff, Daystar... :laugh: Thank you so much for your kind words!

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Oh wtf HOT!!! :sillybounce:

VoOs? You are brilliant. BRILLIANT. And i love the way you colour Abel, he's such a SINFUL priest! :omg:

Your Sephiroth is bloody fantastic too :D i mean "your" as in the style you draw him, becuase really, he's a man of many faces. :innocent: (did that sound as corny as i think it did? :lol: )


AWESOME!! love you VoOs! :omg:


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Guest silverbirch

Wow- I stay away from this board for a few days, come back and there's a whole PILE of smexy art for my to enjoy. What can i say VoOs, this is gorgoeus. You have a very distinctive style too, and I love it!


(Who whould be away more often)

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