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Maybe someone could possible do a House fic, but with Dr. Cameron sneezing. You know, the pretty I would say redhead, maybe brown. Anyway, if someone could do this it would be great, and I could possibly try a trade. I can write, but I can't draw. If anyone's interested, just let me know. Thanks!

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Hmm.... Cameron.... well.... I do know the House fandom pretty well- but I will confess that it would be Extremely difficult for me to do a Cameron fic without having Chase sneezing too. Allergies or cold?? I'd rather do a cold fic, personally with Cameron and Chase... maybe.... (would have to think on it).

Would that be fulfilling enough if it had Cameron in the beginning and then morphed into more of a Chase thing?? If so... I can try to think of something. Also- if you have specific ideas let me know. My general thought is sappy Cameron/Chase taking care of each other type of thing.

It would not offend me in the Least if you said that you are just looking for an Only female sneezing fic. Just figured that I'd let you know that I can do female *and* male (in this fandom) but not just female- because I know that I'd never have the inspiration. As it is- I can only say that if it's ok- I will *Try* to see if something pops into my head.

Oh.. as for trading... it's not a big deal for me if you don't trade- if you don't mind me getting some happy Chase time in (as for as the story)- then I am more than pleased to try it, and hope that it would be something that you like. :blink:

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Sound wonderful! I am more than willing for you to add whatever you want to the story, so if you need Chase in it, so be it! Thanks for doing this, and even trying is okay for me, I really appreciate it. The only thing is before you turn it into a Chase thing, could you please make sure Cameron has her "fair" share of sneezes in the story also (LOL, I want a lot of sneezing from her, maybe fits). Other than that, it's all yours! Thanks so much! Oh, and also, it can be a cold if you want.

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