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more obs from my cold


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So it seems the cough and congestion part of the cold is gone leaving just the sneezing and runny nose. I sneezed MUCH more yesterday than the previous day. I lost count around 52 or so times again mostly doubles with a few more triples then I usually have.

I awoke with an intense tickle and sneezed a quick double etchoo eshoo. At work I felt as though I was sneezing nonstop through out the day. I got a few looks but mostly sympathy from coworkers. I was being blessed quite a bit and one guy said "ok that's it you can't have anymore you've used them all up." There is a cute, rather new guy there who commented "sounds like a pretty bad cold you have there" I replied with a triple.lol

One fit I had was rather a surprise. I knew I was going to sneeze but it was a little slow coming. I kind of froze (you know how you do?) and my mouth was open a bit nose flared. A little hitched breath action-- ehh haa haa ESHOOOO! etchooo. eshooooo. eshoooo. HUPTSHOOOOOOOO! the last being very strong doubling me over at the waist. I totally wasn't ready for so many sneezes at once. I grabbed a tissue and had to blow several times.

Today should be fairly sneezy too. We'll see. :yes:

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