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I'm Right Here (m sneezing) - (7 Parts)

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Guest LiveAndLearn

16 year old Casey Miller sniffled quietly. His nose was running but he was too embarrassed to blow his nose in class. Casey was a good looking young man will dark hair and pale gray eyes that now had dark circles under them. He was tall at 6’1” and had a muscular build to him. Not only was he a popular guy, but he was smart and kind too. Usually, he was able to avoid getting sick but with the stress of midterms just around the corner and so many kids in his class ill, it was nearly impossible to catch something. Even Lauren, his girlfriend, had just returned back to school that week after a horrible cold that had turned into strep throat. He thought he had managed to escape the misery but he guessed he was wrong. His head pounded, his throat was sore, and he was congested, a sure sign of impending illness. Casey was interrupted from his daydream by his math teacher.

“Did you hear what I just asked you Mr. Miller.”

“No sorry could you repeat it.”

“What is the answer to number thirteen in your textbook? We are on page 317.” His teacher answered.

“Um…the the, huschoo, hushcoo, huschoo, sorry, the square root of 219,” Casey replied embarrassed. Now he needed a Kleenex, he worked up the courage to grab a handful of tissue and blow his nose. Embarrassing as it was, it did feel better. When he returned to his seat, there was a note on his desk. ‘R u OK’ it read. It was signed by Lauren. He shook his head to signal no and slipped her a note back. ‘I think I got what u had, I’m gonna go to the nurse.’

“Mr. Connor sniff sniff?”

“What is it this time?” was the exasperated reply.

“Could I go to the n-n-nurse hurshcoo, huschoo?” Casey sneezed into the crook of his elbow.

“I suppose it you feel that it cannot wait until your next class,” Mr. Connor said.

“Thanks.” Casey stood up and left the classroom making his way to the nurse’s office.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

As Casey opened the door to the nurse, he felt an overwhelming tickle in his nose. “Hurschoo, hitchoo.” He could feel the sneezes getting wetter and he was grateful to the kindly nurse who handed him a tissue.

“Come sit down,” she said and Casey did as directed. She took him temperature and it was only slightly elevated, 99.3. The fever was not enough to send him (the policy was 100) home but just enough to make him feel miserable. The nurse sent him back to class with instructions to come back if he felt worse or got chills.

“Ugh” Casey sighed inwardly. It was not that he wanted to miss class, it was an important time for studying, but he knew he would never be able to focus. All he wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed. His math class was over so he got his English books and headed to class. At least it was the last class before lunch. Casey somehow was able to make it through English without a single sneeze which surprised him. Usually they were copious with his colds.

“Aren’t you gonna eat something?” Lauren asked him. He hadn’t touched anything from his lunch. Casey held up one finger signaling to hold on.

“Hurschoo, hurschoo, hurschoo. Sorry. No I’m n-n-not really HURSCHOO hungry.” Lauren gave him a sympathetic smile and reached over to hug him. She had just gotten over a cold herself and could empathize with his misery. Casey couldn’t help but smile. He loved her so much and felt as if he could tell her anything. Just her being there made him feel better. He just held her in his arms. Suddenly, Lauren felt him jerk away. She understood a second later when his face took on a familiar expression. “Huh-huh-huchoo, hitchoo, HURSCHOO, HUH-HUSCHOO.” Casey groaned audibly. “Laured, I really dond’t feel good.” The congestion in his voice was getting thicker.

“Oh baby you sound awful,” Lauren exclaimed. She reached over and felt his forehead. “You’re burning up! Go back to the nurse right now.” She looked at him and realized his eyes were glassy and his cheeks flushed. Why didn’t she notice earlier! Lauren helped Casey up and walked him back to the nurse’s office.

“Feeling worse?” the nurse asked him. He nodded his head and shivered under his sweatshirt. The nurse stuck a thermometer in his mouth, this time it reading 100.4. As awful as he felt, he breathed a sigh of relief. He would be home soon, curled up on the couch, watching movies and eating chicken noodle soup.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Here's another short part.

Casey drove himself home and collapsed on the couch. This was so the wrong time to get sick. Midterms were next week and his parents were out of town. Not only that but he was supposed to take care of his little brother while they were away. Looking at his watch, he realized he only had 2 hours before he had to pick up Jordan who was only 6. Setting his alarm clock on his watch, he covered himself with a blanket and drifted off to sleep.

Casey awoke1 hour and half later to the sound of the alarm clock blaring. His head pounded and all he wanted to do was pull the blanket over his head and fall back asleep but he pulled himself off the couch. Grabbing a box of tissues, he made his way to his car. He drove to Jordan’s school and walked to the kindergarten classroom with tissues stuffed in his pocket. It was just a precaution but he congratulated himself a minute later when he sneezed twice and was able to blow his congested nose. He found Jordan quickly and bundled him up in his jacket as it had begun to rain outside. Exactly what Casey needed. “Cub od Jordad, let’s go hobe” Casey said as he grabbed his little brother’s hand.

“Why does your voice sound weird?” Jordan asked Casey.

Casey laughed at that remark until it turned into a dry cough. “Because I have a cold” Casey told him rubbing his head affectionately. When they reached the car, Casey buckled him into his car seat. As sick as he felt, he knew it was still his duty to be a good brother. The drove in silence with the exception of some sniffles and coughs from Casey and when Casey looked in the rearview mirror, he saw that his little brother was asleep. Suddenly, a sharp tickle penetrated his nose. He tried to stifle as not to wake his brother to no avail. “HUSCHOO, HURCHOO, HITCHOO” he sneezed grabbing a Kleenex, “HUCHOO, AH-AH-AH-AHCHOO!” As the sneezes became larger, Casey was grateful for the few tissues he held in his hand. He blew his nose into the tissues producing a wet gurgly sound but it did make him feel better.

Casey pulled into driveway and gently unstrapped Jordan from his car seat and carried him into the house. Setting him on the couch, he began heating up soup for dinner. He woke his little brother and they ate quietly. After watching a little television, Casey put Jordan to bed before going to sleep himself. The bed felt so soft and he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. It seemed like he was asleep for only a few minutes when he was woken up by a soft voice. “I don’t feel good.”

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Casey sat up and saw his little brother standing there blanket in hand. Feeling too tired to do anything at the moment; he invited Jordan to sleep in his bed deciding he would see what happened in the morning. He was pretty sure it was just a bad dream.

When he woke, Jordan was still asleep. Looking at the clock, Casey realized it was only 6:30 and got up to make breakfast. Even if he wasn’t going to school, Jordan still had to be in. Casey scrambled some eggs and woke Jordan. He looked a little flushed but Casey attributed it to just waking up. Sometimes it happened in the morning. Casey brought Jordan his eggs and passed on breakfast himself. He was never very hungry when he was sick. Casey was so tired. He would just close his eyes for a second, just a second…

“Heteesh, heteesh.” Casey woke up to the small sneezes five minutes later. Looking up, he realized Jordan needed a tissue and handed him one.

“Are you okay?” Casey asked Jordan concerned. “Do you feel sick?” Jordan just nodded pitifully and coughed lightly into his fist. Although, his first instinct was to freak out, Casey managed to remain calm and found a thermometer. Luckily, it was the kind that was to be stuck in the ear which was easier for a 6 year old. “100.3. You really are sick. How about you and I just take it easy today and hang out?” Jordan nodded enthusiastically and turned is head to the side.

“Heteesh, itchoo, tchoo, hetchoo.” Sniffling quietly he layed his head down on the table and Casey felt a pang of empathy. He felt overwhelmed and he was 16. Imagine how it must feel for his poor little brother? Realizing he must be just as tired as he was, Casey picked Jordan up and carried him to the couch.

I am not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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I think it's sweet he's looking after his little brother, I can easily see his girlfriend ending up looking after them both. It's a really nice story, I kind've want to give Casey a biiiiig hug!

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Casey woke up hours later and glanced over at his brother. He could see him shivering as he slept and retrieved a blanket for him. While, Jordan slept, Casey decided to take his own temperature. He hadn’t since yesterday. “99.8” It was a slight fever but had gone down and Casey realized that although he still felt ill, he felt a lot better. His throat was no longer as sore and his headache was completely gone. All that was left was some sneezing. Just thinking about it made his nose tickle and he looked frantically around for a tissue. He didn’t want to wake Jordan and a tissue would help muffle the sound. Finding them, he grabbed a handful and sneezed into them. “Hetchoo, hetchoo, huhchoo, hitchoo, hetchoo!” He wished his parents were home. He could deal with himself being sick but Jordan? It was so hard to be a big brother. He walked to his bedroom and layed down. He grabbed a book off his desk and read. It was John Grisham, his favorite author, and he became so absorbed that he did not even notice when his 6 year old brother came in. In fact, he did not notice him until he heard him sniffling.

“Hey! How you doing JJ? Any better?” Already, he noticed how much better his voice sounded. Jordan's, however did not.

“Do, dot really. By throat hurts Casey. Whed is Bob and Dad cobing hobe?” Casey’s heart melted as he listened to how sick his brother sounded.

“Not for a few days,” he answered truthfully. “But you have me and I am going to take such good care of you and I bet Lauren will come over later. Would you like that?” Jordan nodded vigorously but stopped suddenly and rubbed at his head. “Do you have a headache JJ?” Jordan nodded once again and Casey went into the bathroom grabbing Tylenol Kids, some cold medicine, and a thermometer.

He stuck the thermometer in his small brother’s ear and rubbed his back absently while waiting for the beep. Seconds later, he heard it and looked at the screen. “102.6” he read. Jordan’s health was only declining.

“Huhtchoo, hetchoo, heh-heh-heh-TCHOO!” The wetness and loudness of Jordan’s sneezes surprised Casey. Before they were so small. Casey grabbed a Kleenex and held it over Jordan’s knows instructing him to blow. Jordan complied and it took several blows before his nose was clear. Sighing, the young boy leaned against him and Casey could feel his labored breaths.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Casey held his little brother and they sat watching cartoons like this until Casey decided it was time for them to eat. “What would you like to eat?” he asked.

“I’b dot hudgry.”

“You have to eat something.”

“Cad I eat later! Please.” Jordan pleaded. Although Casey was tempted to give in, he knew there was no way Jordan would be able to take any more medicine until he ate.

“If you eat some soup and a half a sandwich, I’ll get Lauren to come over later.” He had found a bargaining chip and Jordan nodded reluctantly.

As Jordan held the sandwich in his hand he stopped suddenly bringing it towards his open mouth.

“JJ you have to eat someth-”

“Hitchoo, hetchoo,” Jordan’s eyes closed and his head snapped forward with each sneeze into his elbow. “Cad I have a Kleedex?” he asked. His nose was running and he sniffed only making him cough. It was a hacking cough that made his chest hurt and concerned his older brother. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. As Casey opened it, he sneezed into his hand relieved that it was dry.

“Hi Lauren!” he exclaimed happy that she had come.

“Well, you seem much better. I brought you all these supplies to help you feel better but I guess you won’t be needing them. I’m so happy your doing better.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling much better, but Jordan is sick to and is much worse.”

“Oh no!” she said pushing her way through the door. “Let me see him!” Although he was just her boyfriend’s little brother, she liked him a lot and felt like he was a little cousin or something.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Last part. It's not very good but I wasn't sure how to end it. :bounce:

“Hey Bud, how you doing?” Lauren greeted Jordan scooping him up and sitting him down on her lap.

“Dot very good. By throat hurts be a lot and hetchoo, hetchoo, hetchoo, hitchoo,” he sneezed into a handful of Kleenex as big as his face. “And it hurts to swallow a lot.” He snuffled a bit and leaned back against her. Stroking his head, she realized it was warm and asked Casey how long he had been feeling like this.

“Like two days but he keeps saying his throat hurts and I think it is getting worse.”

“It sounds just like what I had!” Lauren exclaimed. “Call his pediatrician and make an appointment for when your parents come back tomorrow.” Casey did so with no hesitation. When Jordan came back from the doctor the next day, he looked oddly happy.

“What did the doctor say?” Casey asked.

“That it is strep throat just like Lauren thought he had,” his mother replied.

“Then why is he so happy?” queried Casey.

“Because the doctor gave him a lollipop,” his father chuckled and Casey knew Jordan would be just fine.

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Oh I like this, it s cute story. Thank you for sharing. I hope you've joined the forum since then. (posted in like 2007 ^_^)

Anyway, I'm glad I got the chance to read this.

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