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f friend in class


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So... wrote about this girl before, T, dancer (with a body to match the title), blonde long hair, tall, very pretty with cat-like qualities (like those green green eyes) - you get the picture and know the drill.

She was sitting in the row behind me during class today when first fit of 3 got on it's way. What I particularly liked about it this time is that everyone present were aware of it, she sneezed at one of those moments of quietness and even though her sneeze isn't loud, it's definitely noticeable and it rains in threes so after a "ha-ESH .. ha-ESH .. haESHH" that happened all too fast together when I turned around to bless her she still had her hand in front of her face, a mischievous sheepish grin and everyone's attention.

Probably more than half an hour went by when little fit number 2 hit, this time I turned around while she was sneezing, 1 hand in front of her face slightly spaced (like always) and then quickly sneezed "ha-ESH .. haESH .." and then, then - that cute tormented face of a stuck sneeze :innocent: there's a frozen pre-sneeze face that when EVERYTHING focuses on the sneeze, this was not it, this was the sharp tickle in the nose, nose slightly twitching trying to get it out expression accompanied by a silly damnit-come-out-grin. She was crunching her nose while turning to her right side (why I would not know) and still holding her hand and breath for the 3rd sneeze that never came. I blessed her, she thanked me and then sort of blurred out "only 2..." to which I replied "awwww" :D. Meh, she's cute and has a cute sneeze and to my satisfaction almost always sneeze triples (unlike those people who claim they always sneeze in threes but never do...).

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