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A couple of male obs from Saturday night


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Saturday night, the hubby and I met this one couple for sushi at this really awesome sushi/Japanese steakhouse. We got there a few minutes before they did, so we sat at the bar and ordered a few drinks. The first ob came almost right after we ordered, and it was kind of funny, although hubby didn't notice it.

There was a yougn couple sitting next to me, and when I sat down, I was facing hubby, so the guy was behind me. I wore a shirt that was low cut in the front and the back, so my tattoo was pretty much out there for everyone to see. Well, the guy behind me definitely sneezed once. And it was just this wonderful, soft, masculine sound, and I can't even begin to spell it. And I sort of peeked over my shoulder at him, he was also somewhat attractive, he had brown hair, and some really nice facial hair going on. Well, his SO pointed at my tattoo, and whispered something to him, and he laughed softly. So, I think that she skipped blessing him, and showed him my tattoo instead. Just glad I could be of service. :unsure:

I heard a few random male and female sneezes all night long, but since it was one of those places where they cook at the tables, it was pretty noisy, and I'm not neccessarily sure that everything I heard was a sneeze. But, the last obs was pretty good in my opinion! Even though our waitress wasn't, most of the employees there were definitely Asian. And there were about three guys behind the bar, that were super attractive Asian men. Well, as we got close to being completely full and inebriated, the place was starting to thin out a bit, at least by us. We were sitting in between the sushi bar and the drink bar. Well, that group of men were all standing by one of the empty tables, talking. I happened to look over at them, just as one of them bent over and sneezed towards the ground, "Uh-choooo!" It wasn't all that loud, but loud enough for me to hear it. Then, I watched him as he grabbed on to the back of one the chairs, and sneezed a second time, again towards the floor, "UH-CHUH!" None of his buddies said anything. I thought the sneezes were pretty darn nice from where I sat.

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I'm not neccessarily sure that everything I heard was a sneeze.

That cracked me up . . . I have days in which I'll mistake anything at all . . . a dog barking, air brakes, breaking windows . . . for sneezes.

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Yeah, how could you forget about these?! That is so awesome; I especially love the one involving the tattoo-how cool! Thanks for sharing these!

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