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I believe I ask this every summer, but here goes again. School's out soon and all I'll have to do is possibly work a few hours a day, go to practice for an hour a week and read a couple books. So clearly I need to write massive amounts of fics. I've wanted to write for so long and haven't had the chance. So now I am. And I'm posing the proposal that one of you write with me. I know, what an honor ;) . So I'm going to list severak if the million and eight fandoms I can and want to write for and if you want to write with me, either by email or instant messanger whatever you want. Last time I did this a 100+ page story was begun.

~Gilmore Girls




~Home Improvement


~Saved by the Bell

~7th Heaven

~In A Heartbeat

~Peter Pan



~Degrassi the Next Generation

~Cruel Intentions

~Beverly Hills 90210

~Boy Meets World

~House MD

~Good Will Hunting

~Strange Days at Blake Holsey High


~Growing Pains


~Moulin Rouge

~Pirates of the Caribbean

~Hannah Montana

~Dawson's Creek


~Buffy the Vampire Slayer

~Harry Potter

~Judging Amy

~Flight 29 Down

~Desperate Housewives

~Backstreet Boys

~Panic! At the Disco

~John Mayer

~Without A Paddle



~Kyle XY

~Robin Hood

~Blood Diamond

~Blood Ties

~Even Stevens

~Lizzie McGuire



~Fantastic Four (One and two) * newly added*

And the funny thing is, I probably missed some. There are definately some I'd rather do than others, but all I can and will do. However, some I can only do some characters for. Others I can do a million. All Male.

So yeah, of you want something to do and want to write a story (even if you've never tried before and want a new experience) let me know.

C'mon...please? I'll give you a cookie.

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Just wanted to add that I took off 3 I really don't feel like doing lately and added Fantastic Four because I forgot about it until I saw the second one and my mind started screaming *Sneezefic!*

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Gilmore Girls

~Peter Pan

~Hannah Montana

~Even Stevens

~Lizzie McGuire

These are some I could possibly interested in writing, could you possibly PM me?



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