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more obs from my cold


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My cold has intensified over the weekend and seems to be hanging in. Coughing, sneezing (the best part of course

:drool: ) stuffy nose, congestion, the works. I feel an almost constant tickle in my nose which leads to much more sneezing than I've ever had before. My usual day consists of a a few doubles and the occasional triple. Lately I've had lots of triples and even as much as 8 and 9.

On Saturday I needed to run errands and hit the grocery store etc. While at the store I was coughing and felt the familiar tickle. Being rather snotty I grabbed a tissue from my pocket to sneeze into. There wasn't much buildup and I sneezed a loud EPTCHOOO! a slight break and I sneezed again and again. achooo. eshooo. eshooo. chooooo. huptchoo. eshooo. ATCHOOOOOO! My nose was dripping and so I wiped it then blew it hard. I lady was standing there that I hadn't seen before and said "oh goodness, bless you. That sounds like a bad cold." "thank you and yes it is rather bad."

Sunday I tried to stay home and rest. Didn't cough quite as much but the sneezes were still intense.

Monday it was back to work and while the cough has almost gone the rest remains clinging. While I like the sneezes the rest is getting old and I won't mind it going away.

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