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Horrible cold

Guest sneezgrrl

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Guest sneezgrrl

So I went out earlier this week, and of course it was the ONLY night that it was chilly here. I was totally unprepared, and absolutely freezing throughout the entire night. By the end of the night, I could already feel my throat getting scratchy. The next day or so it continued, and by friday I was starting to cough and really feel sick. I started coughing and just feeling really achy and miserable. My throat is sore and then I started to feel a little congested. Then this weekend I finally started sneezing and really getting congested and blowing my nose. Usually when I'm sick I sneeze in multiples, but this time it has been mostly really large singles. I feel that tickle and grab a tissue and just sneeze a huge, wet MMMPPCHOOOO!!! right into the tissue, and blow my nose. It continued to happen randomly throughout the weekend. I would say I probably sneezed about 25 times or so. Unfortunately the rest of the symptoms have become so bad that I had to go to the doctor, and found out I have bronchitis and strep throat. I'm completely miserable! Unfortunately the sneezy part of this cold seems to have passed while the rest of the symptoms are lingering on and torturing me. :(

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