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sneezing queuing up for lunch (M)


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Going into the staff canteen on Tuesday for lunch I find myself in the queue just behind what I take to be three graduate students : two women and one man in their late 20s. I had noticed the man about 10 minutes before, as he was wearing shorts and the weather was rather dull and wet, so he was the only one dressed that way. Just behind him in the queue, however, it seemed just right for him : he was quite tall (180 or so, about 6 feet), blondish hair, and long hairy legs. Just as we came to take the plates, he leaned away from his friends, half towards me, and sneezed a very open dry sneeze, vaguely putting a hand somewhere in front of his face. He remained frozen a second or two and sneezed another identical dry sneeze. They were complete sneezes, no coughlike business for you, but if there had been spray I would have seen it. Still, nice that he sneezed openly – must be quite an uninhibited guy.

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Sound lovely and uninhibited, indeed! I do like dry, semi-covered sneezes like that. Thanks atchoum! :wheels:

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Thanks, Sneesee!

Here’s a quick update, a couple of obs - equally uninhibited - from the metro, always a good place to catch sneezes.

The man who sneezed at the canteen was a very dry sneezer, but the next day I saw a nice wet sneeze. It was in one of those long corridors that finishes up in a long stairway. I was just about to go up the stairs when a man came hurrying down, a very well built man, Tshirt showing off bulging pectorals, good tan, almost shaved head: probably of North African origin, mid thirties. Before I even noticed any build up, he lurched forward in spraying sneeze TTTSSSSSSHHHHHHH !!! – and the spray really did fly. I was the only person nearby, and not very close either, but he obviously did nothing to moderate the sneeze. He went hurrying along the long corridor away from me, but no more sneeze.

The other was that evening about 7.00 pm, and I was just coming onto an almost deserted metro platform, with a businessman walking just in front of me and virtually no one else. My businessman suddenly turned his head to the left, without slowing down, and sneezed a deliberate ATTCHHOO, almost childlike, followed a couple of second later by another, then a third. By this time I was a bit ahead of him and glaced to see he was in his late 40s, very dark, Mediterranean looking, well dressed in a blue suit. Once again, he made no attempt to moderate his sneezes. And nice too to have a triple!

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