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Tamara and Leo


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Its a short drabble of baniira's character Tamara and TMNT Leo. If its too short, i can give it a shot and expand it. Not too sure how i did on this one (its my first fic request and i think i screwed it up) so im relying on feedback here. thanks.


Tamara and Leo

Tamara awoke to a stuffy nose and a light cough. She rubbed her nose and sat up on the bed, looking to the corner at the most honorable of the ninja turtles, Leonardo. Leonardo was meditating across the room and greeted Tamara when she awoke. "Hehh...H'eESTCHHUH" You don't sound so good, you must have a cold...Leo said to her. I’m f..f…H'eESTCHHUH!…fine."€Tamara replied. Leo rolled him eyes and pulled out a tissue from a pink box. "Here." He said as he handed it to her. “I don’t need that.” Tamara said as she pushed it away. Her red nose obviously showed a sign of sickness, but Tamara denied it. “I think you’re the one who’s sick, because I’m n…hheeh…H'eESTCHHUH! H'eESTCHH!…I’m nod sick…” Tamara insisted through a stuffy nose. Leo got up from his meditating position and walked past her, grabbing some medical tablets off of a counter. He reached out to hand them to her, “these will help you feel better.” Tamara laughed indecisively. “Haha…I don’t need tha…hhhehh…HCTHCH! H'eESTHUH!!” She sneezed into her cupped hands and laughed as she ran from the room.

Leo rolled his eyes and jolted after her, fixated on getting Tamara to take the medicine so she would get better. “H'eESTCHHUH! H'eESTCHHUH!” Leo could hear Tamara’s muffled sneezes as he ran down the sewer tunnel. Clang Clang! Tamara could hear the clang of the swords on his back. “Hehhehh…hhhe…H'eESTCHHUH! H'eESTCHHUH!” Tamara rubbed her tickly red nose and giggled. She darted into a dark corridor to hide from him. Leo was running fast, but stopped when he didn’t see Tamara. She was watching him from the corridor, trying not to laugh at his sternness. But suddenly, she felt a tickle in the back of her nose. “Heehehe…hheee…” she put a finger under her nose to try and hold it back. “Hehheh…hhehheah…HCHSSHU! H’eESTHUHCH! HSSSHU!” Leo turned around. “There you are. You know, you shouldn’t be running around while you’re sick. You could get hurt. Now take this.” He handed her the pill and a cup of water that he managed to keep from spilling. She reluctantly took it. “Aww, Leo. Why do you have to ruin all my fun? H’eESTHUHCH! HCSSHU!”

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