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I confess: I'm taking english classes. Actually, what i'm doing is looking for a piece of paper saying I know how to speak english.

Because my name is Manuel. I speak a very good english. I learn it from a book.

Fawlty Towers aside, it happens that my teacher is very allergic. To many things. First class, she made a girl tell me (in [broken] english, of course) some things about her (the teacher). Okay, now. One of the things the girl said was that she was a little obsessive about two things: her new drapes and her allergies, "always with her little tissues and stuff".

I went :blink: .

Then, one or two classes later, I finally saw her sneezing. I'll describe her: She's 32, short (about 5'2"), and has got straight dark hair that falls almost to her waist and that she keeps tied in a ponytail or a half one, or even a bun sometimes. That day, she'd got it in a ponytail. Her face is slightly rounded and she's got a nice nose, which I could describe as button-nose shaped but slightly bigger than your typical button nose, if that makes any sense. The sort of gorgeus nose I tend to associate with black women, although she's what northamericans call "spanish" or "latin" or whatever. Awright. I got there that day and found her a mess. Really. An utter mess. She was teary eyed, red nosed, sniffling a lot, tissue in hand and breathing through her mouth. Not even a minute after I arrived she gave her nose the first of the many loud, wet sounding blows I'd see that day. A few minutes after, she said "I'm going to sneeeeze", and sneeze she did. It was quite loud, wet and harsh at once. She put the tissue with two hands over her nose and mouth, inhaled deeply, closed her eyes and "rrrAAH-whooosh", then she lowered her tissue for a minute, made a frustrated face and again, in the same fashion, "rrAAHhWHooshoo". She sniffed wetly and blew her nose again. I was tripping. She said something about being "really allergic today", and went on with the class, in that adorable nasal voice. Some five minutes later, she made that terribly cute zoned out face, and nothing. Few seconds, zones out again, longer this time. And nothing. And again, even longer. And again, nothing. "Oh, I want to sneeze", she said. She's always making those pouty-cutie faces, which I really like, and she said that with that I'm-a-little-girl-about-to-cry tone, which I really like too.

"he-yaatchooo", she sneezed again, and blew her red nose. Her nostrils were shiny by now. And on she went with the class, until some ten minutes later she was like "so nouns blah-blah... blah... ah... ha-ASHOOO... aw... well, nouns... noh... ehh... WHA-ATCHOOO... aw, I wish I could get a sentence togheter without sneezing". Blow. Sigh. "I've been sneezing all day. I've been just fine the whole week, and today, when I have a date, I'm a total mess" (it was a friday night). Mock crying. Blow. I'm sure I spent the whole class (three hours) just STARING.

All in all, she must have sneezed around ten or fifteen loud gorgeous wet sneezes, and blown her nose around twentyseven billion times, give or take a thousand. It was bliss.

And now to something completely different.

Weird thing now. I reckon she's flirting with me. Really. But one, I know she's dating some bloke, and two, she's my little sister's teacher too. So, if I screw something up, it could really blow. Dunno what to do about it. Ah, whatever.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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hey man, you are apparently doing very well with the english thing, since that was a great description! hehe maybe you can hand in these things for extra credit! :D

As for her flirting with you, I doubt it. She is probably just being friendly. As an adjunct professor myself, believe me. If for some reason you REALLY think she is into you, wait until you are out of her class, and wont have her again to approach her about it.

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