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I have a little cold

The Sneezster

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Not a nasty, miserable cold. Just a scratchy throat, headache, slight chills and sniffly kind of cold.

Ordinarily, my sneezes are light and misty, and sound nice and feminine. But since I've been feeling this cold coming on, they've been different. All singletons, although one may follow another after a minute or two. I consider that to be too far apart to be considered twins. The sneezes are stronger, deeper, and more painful than my ordinary sneezes, and they don't sound nearly as feminine:



And they hurt my throat and my head when I sneeze them. Usually my sneezes feel so nice. These are not as nice. After each sneeze, I'll blow my nose. That's also different. Usually, my blows are quiet, little, polite airy blows. These kind of crescendo into this vibrating, well, not-quite-a-"honk", but noisier than my usual nose blows.

I've been feeling kind of tired and run down for the past few days, but seem to feel more normal this morning. Maybe my little cold is on its way out.

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aww thanks for the obs and glad its not a bad cold and hope you be feelling better soon .. A cold when youn are run down is ofetn like that


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It is a shame you can't enjoy these lovely sneezes; and I bet they are really still perfectly feminine; just a bit more full-bodied...?

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