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Alrighty, I havent posted any obs in a while because ive been at camps throughout all the summer, but here is a couple of sneezes that just caught my eye.


We were in a gym, begining to warm up, and out of the blue, I began to feel a sneeze. I quickly sneezed a quick, "Iscchoo" not too loud, into my shoulder. I got a few onlookers, but Oh well. We then began practicing some more.


Ill try to give you a quick description of this guy; He's got shaggy brown hair, tall/muscular, very laid back kind of guy. He is very cute in my opinion. :laugh:

We were in the middle of the game, and he was right next to me. I could feel his breathing from just being so close. I noticed an uneven pattern, and he sneezed one, "Tisshoooo!" He looked up at me and said, "Sorry bout that". Then, he turned his head away and sneezed one more, "ISHhooo!"

Its been a good day so far for me :) Just thought I would share.


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