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yesterday it's happened to me something really strange that never had happened before|!i was blowing my nose after a big fit of 23 and i started sneezing while i blow !My nose was thikling and i blow and sneeze at the same time.has that never happened to you?

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wow! this has never happened to me (i'm not a big sneezer to be honest, and i've never experienced, as far as i can remember, a tickle so strong it turned into a sneeze as i was blowing my nose), but i LOVE hearing it happen - like the sneezy feeling is so intense it just has to come out, right then! And after a fit of 23?! Very nice :D

So thank you very much for sharing :laugh:

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:D a fit of 23??? :laugh:

wow...i do believe im stupified....yes...i shall return when my mind is functioning....

ok..back.... :laugh: thats amazing....ive never had anything like that..but thank you so much for sharing!

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