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Not Always What it Seems (male sneezing) - (8 Parts)

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Danielle heard the door and rushed to open it trying not to trip in her heels. It was Jake, her boyfriend who was picking her up for their date.

“Hurschoo, hurschoo, hurschoo!” he greeted her, sneezing into his collar.

“You okay babe?” she queried. His nose was a little red from sneezing.

“Yeah, just allergies he said motioning to the flowers he held in his hand. “These are f-f-f-for-for hurschoo, hurschoo, hurschoo, hurschoo, for you he said pulling out a hankerchief from his sports coat pocket and covering his nose as he sneezed some more.

“That is so sweet!” she exclaimed. “Let me take these before your allergies get any worse!” She knew how bad of an allergy he had to roses, her favorite flower and it was so sweet of him to get a dozen of them for her birthday. She could only imagine how much he sneezed in the car ride over. Being a perfect gentleman, he opened the car door for her before taking his place in the driver’s side.

“HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO!” he sneezed into his handkerchief. “There is still a lot of pollen in the car,” he explained, “it’s irritating by dose.”

“You sound all stuffed up. Blow your nose” she said gently. He did so with some reluctance for he was embarrassed to do so in front of her.

As they sat down in the restaurant, Jake continued sneezing although it had died down quite a bit. They ordered their food and drink and talked about their futures and their plans for the immediate future as well.

“I think I’b goidg to go back to school to get by Phd. in hurschoo hurschoo, ‘scue be. You dow how I wadt to get a job teaching.” Jake said as the congestion in his voice became noticeably thicker. Just then, the waiter came over and served them their food.

As Danielle ate her food with great pleasure, Jake just pushed his around his plate.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” she prodded. “It is really good.”

“I’b dot very hudgry” Jake said as he coughed onto the back of his hand.

“You sure you’re okay honey? You don’t look so good, are you sure it is just your allergies? They should be better now and you already took a Sudafed.”

“Really I’b okay!” he said though his shivers gave him away. Coming over to his side of the table, she put the back of her hand to his forehead.

“Baby, you’re burning up!”

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Oooooh, Shall there be more?

This is an awesome story!

Do you have aim so we could chat sometime? Im around your age. :laugh:


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Guest LiveAndLearn

As soon as they got in the car, Jake fell asleep only to wake up as Danielle pulled into his apartment complex.

“Baby, I’b, I’b, I’b, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, I’b really sorry I ruided you dight. I’b sure I’ll be better by tomborrow though, when we go to Bexico for your birthday!”

“Oh no Mister, we’re not going anywhe-” Danielle started but was interrupted by Jake.

“HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HUH-HUH-HUH-HURSCHOO!” he sneezed looking around desperately for a Kleeneex. Finding one, he covered his nose just in time to catch another barrage of wet sneezes. “HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO,” Jake leaned back in his seat sniffling before deciding that he could stand the embarrassment of blowing his nose for a little relief. The blow was wet and full and he required several blows and several handfuls of Kleenex before the sound became more of a honking noise. “Excuse me honey” he said his voice clearer but still hoarse. “Finish what you were saying.”

“I said that we’re not going anywhere tomorrow! You can reschedule but you’re staying in bed!” Danielle reprimanded gently. She could feel her heart melt as her sweetheart was reduced to sneezing and sniffling.

Also, Tubas, I don't have an AIM but I appreciate the offer. The stories I have read of yours were really good. How old are you?

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Awww, this was very cute! Are you writing any more, by any chance? :bawl:

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Another short part: Mild language warning just in case it bothers anyone but there is really like next to none.

As they walked into Jakes apartment he could feel a tickle in his nose. No, he wouldn’t sneeze. That would only concern Danielle more and he knew how much she was looking forward to her special trip to Mexico. He would get through tonight and tomorrow morning and be better for the trip. He had to be.

“Hngnxt, hngxt!” he stifled rubbing a finger under his nose.

“What did you say baby?” Danielle asked unaware.

“Dothing, I’b just yawding.” Jake lied although the congestion in his voice was not convincing. “I’b kind of tired so I thidk I’ll head off. You head home and start packing. I’ll feel better toborrow. I’ll pick you up toborrow bordig” he said trying to rush her out the door before he succumbed to another fit of sneezing.

“Okay,” Danielle agreed reluctantly. “Are you sure you don’t want me to stay and take care of you. You really don’t look good and I think it would be best to reschedule Mexico” she said with a sigh. She had been looking forward to this trip for so long but her boyfriend’s health always came first in her mind.

“I’b sure! Now go. I love you and will pick you up at 8 a.m. unless I start to feel like crap. I’b telling you I’ll be fide by toborrow, you just wait and see!” he said. As soon as she left he couldn’t stand the tickle any longer. Grabbing a handkerchief from his pocket he held it expectantly over his nose and looked into the light.

“HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HUH-HUH-HUH-SCHOO, HURSHCOO, HITSCHOO, HETCHOO, AH-AH-AH-AH.” Damn, the last one stuck. “Oh well he thought to himself.” Just as he was blowing his nose the lost sneeze escaped.


Jake sighed and went to his bedroom to undress. Standing in just some boxer shorts and socks, a chill ran down his spine and he added a sweatshirt to the look before heading to bed.

So do you think he should go to Mexico or stay home?

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I'm really getting into this. Can't wait to read more. Not that it matters, but I think he should end up having to stay home.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Warning: There is a little bit of vomiting in this section but not much.

Jake woke in the morning and felt as though a truck had run over him in the middle of the night. His head hurt, his throat was sore, and he ached all over.

“Hngxt, hitchOO, HETCHOO!” he sneezed onto the sleeve of his sweatshirt leaving a wet spot.

Just as we was falling asleep again, he remembered that today was the day they were supposed to go to Mexico. He shot up and leaped out of bed regretting the decision instantly as he felt his head throb. Jake packed frantically and remembered to call Danielle in order to let her know he would pick her up in 30 minutes. He blew his nose which relieved some of his congestion and dialed her number.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Hey baby, its Jake. I am feeling so much better today and will pick you up in about 30 minutes. Just think, soon we will be away from this cold New Jersey rain and basking in the warm Mexican sun.”

“You do sound much better” she agreed unknowingly. “I can’t wait!” Just as Danielle hung up the phone Jake felt a strong tickle.

“HUTCHOO, HECKTSCHOO, HNGXT, HITSCHOO, HUH-HUH-HUHTSCHOO!” he sneezed into his handkerchief before breaking into a dry cough and thanked the Lord Danielle hadn’t heard that. Then she would know how truly sick he was. He shivered unconsciously and grabbed his bags before heading out the door.

Just a half mile before he reached Danielle’s apartment his car broke down. He tried calling her to come get him but she didn’t answer the phone. Jake grabbed his bag and tiredly trudged the half mile in the cold rain. By the time he reached Danielle’s apartment, his handkerchief was unusable, his nose was running horribly, and his teeth chattered uncontrollably. Danielle answered the door and he rushed inside to the warmth of the room.

“H-h-h-i. M-m-m-y, my c-c-car, it b-b-broke d-d-down and you d-d-din’t answer the ph-ph-phone.” he stuttered.

“Oh my god you poor thing” she exclaimed. “You look horrible!”

As if to prove her point Jake sneezed into his fist twice, “HETCHOO, HUSCHTOO! Do you have ady tissue. By nose is rudding really bad” he said pitifully and was rewarded with a box full of fresh Kleenex. It took several, long wet blows before he finished and Danielle looked at him with concern and anger.

“Did you really think you would be able to go to Mexico in this condition! You could of gotten really sick!” As if suddenly coming to her senses she exclaimed. “You’re shaking! Take off those wet clothes before you catch pneumonia. Get some pajamas from your suitcase and come lay down on the couch.”

Jake did so with no hesitation and when he reached the couch, his loving girlfriend had several thick blankets laid out along with a cup of tea, some cold medicine and a thermometer.

“Baby, you’re burning up. Let me take your temperature.” she said gently and Jake just nodded. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt so ill. He felt a thermometer being slid under his tongue and his lips being pressed closed. Then the thermometer beeped and he heard Danielle say softly. “102.9. You are a sick little boy aren’t you?”

As if those words were a trigger he suddenly felt nauseous and ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Suddenly, a wet washcloth was being wiped across his face and he was being helped up and back to the couch. That was all he remembered before he blacked out.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Jake came to an hour later and felt a cool washcloth on his forehead. He opened his eyes and saw the concerned face of Danielle leaning over him.

“HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO!” he sneezed. They had come on so fast and strong that he had no time to cover and ended up sneezing in her face.

“I’b so sorry Dadielle! It was ad accidedt. Please forgive be!”

“Oh sweetheart don’t worry about it. You’re sick you can’t help it” she said as she wiped her face and giggled at his expression. “How are you feeling?”

“A little less dauseous. Hold od,” he said and blew his nose. “I’m really cold though” he said as if his shivers were not obvious.

“Let me get you some more blankets, you’ll feel warmer.” He accepted the offer gratefully.

When she came back she noticed the thermometer still on the table. “I’m gonna take you temperature again, okay?”

He suddenly was overcome by exhaustion and nodded pitifully. “103.5! You’re fever’s higher. I thought you said you felt better.”

“I don’t feel better, just less naseuous. I’m just going to g-g-go HURSCHOO HURSCHOO HURSCHOO back to sleep.” he said and was asleep almost as soon as the words were out of his mouth.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Jake awoke to the shrill ring of the telephone the next day. Looking around he saw that Danielle had left him a note that she was at work and to call if he needed anything. The telephone rang again and he picked it up.


“Jake, sweetheart is that you, it’s Arlene. You sound just horrible.”

“Oh hello Brs. Collids, how are you doidg?” he asked Danielle’s mother.

“I am just fine but you sound like you have a rotten cold. I guess that’s why you two lovebirds aren’t in Mexico.”

“Yeah, I got this awful code the dight before we were supposed to go. But Dadielle is takidg such good care of be that I should be better in -HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, sorry it is just this- HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO! Exuse be just a secod,” he said as he grabbed some tissues and blew his nose. “As I was sayidg, I should be better in no time at all.” As if to contradict this statement he was suddenly overcome by a bout of coughing that made him gag.

“Jake, darling,” Arlene cut in once he had stopped, “I’m going to leave you to rest and if you need anything just call. Send my love to Danielle and feel better soon.”

“Thadk you ad I will.” Jake answered tiredly. Just as he was resting comfortably, he heard is cell phone ring. “Damn it, not again!” he thought to himself as he got out of bed to answer it.

“Jake Smitherson speakidg,” he answered.

“Hey, it’s Mr. Winkler down at the office. Are you still in Mexico?”

“Do, we did’t get to go, actually.”

“Oh, we need you to come down to the office right now. It is an emergency!”

"I'll be there as sood as I cad."

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Sorry I keep posting so much- But Im so Intrigued by this story. It is one of the best stories Ive ever read. :wub:

I wonder what happens to him, ^-^


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Great story!!! Poor Jake, he's so sick, and now he has to go into work... ;)

I hope if Danielle catches his cold he's as good to her as she has been to him.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Jake changed out of his pajamas and took a quick shower noticing how wonderful it felt to be clean again. The steam had helped clear his congestion and it seemed almost as if the water had washed away his illness. "HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO!"

Well, not all of it. Actually, it seemed as though his sneezes were 10 times louder and he could swear he heard an echo as he made his way through the lobby. Wiping his nose with his handkerchief, he recieved wary looks and he saw a mother usher a young boy as far away from him as possible. Not that he blamed her. When he stepped out of the shower he felt so much better but the congestion returned worse as if to pay him back with interest. The last time he had taken his car, it had broken down in the rain only exasburating his illness and now that it was snowing, he was not hoping for a repeat performance.

He coughed harshly onto the back of his glove as he made his way into the office wishing he was home in bed, Danielle stroking his head softly, but no he was at the office. "What kind of emergency at an architecture firm would require him to rush into the office with a high fever?" he thought angrily to himself, "If the plans were screwed up, nothing he could do." It would require several laborous hours and Jake was in no mood.

"Hey Jake come meet us in the board room."

"Okay Dr. Widkler HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HUSRCHOO!" He sneezed into his handkerchief, conviently placed in his breast pocket but it did little to muffle the sound. "But sir, I bust ward you, I have a dasty bug so you bight wadt to keep your distadce and I'b not up to stayidg to lodg. I'b odly her 'cause you said it was ad ebergedcy."

"As sympathetic as I am to your situation, most of the office is out sick, and we need to finish this blueprint by tomorrow. You are the best of the best and I would send you home if I could but I can't. We will try to finish quickly but I really do need you to stay as long as possible."

"Okay sir, let be just let Dadielle dow, she will be worried sick." He broke off into a horrible fit of coughing and his boss really did look sorry for making him stay. He sighed to himself and prepared himself for the yelling from Danielle that only dogs could hear. He was suprised to hear her sympathetic although outraged not at him but at his boss and she thankfully said she would come to keep him company and take care of him as this obviously would take all night.

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I think it's great that Jake's boss thinks he's the best one to finish the blueprint, it's just too bad he has to do it when he's so sick. :laugh: I'm glad Danielle will be keeping him company. She'll probably be giving him some TLC, too. :cry:

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Dr. Winkler and four other architects sat in the room when Jake entered. “Good to see you buddy” was the general consensus and he nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“Let’s get started guys ‘c-c-cause HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO,” he searched desperately in his pocket for the extra handkerchief he knew was stashed there pulling it out just in time to catch another barrage of wet, harsh sneezes. “HURSCHOO, HURSHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HURSCHOO, HUH-HUH-HUH-HURSCHOO!” Jake sniffled uselessly and muttered a polite “’Scuse be” feeling light headed by the copious amount of sneezes and their intensity. He swayed a little before someone thought to guide him to a chair and he mumbled his appreciation to Brandon Smith, a colleague at the same level as himself and a close friend.

“Dude, you sound horrible!”

“Thadks for rebididg be,” he said playfully. “As I was sayidg, I’b dot 100 percedt so let’s try to get this dode quickly so I could go hobe.” He suppressed a cough and leaned back in his chair refolding his handkerchief.

“’Fraid that’s not possible, we just got snowed in,” he heard a voice say and he turned around to see Danielle standing there with a large bag of supplies. “I knew this might happen so I brought provisions.”

“I love you so buch hodey,” Jake gushed and she smiled glad to be of assistance.

“Why don’t you guys work while I set up an area for the night in the lounge, there’s blankets and pillows in the car. Oh, and you guys don’t work Jake to hard, you’re lucky he’s here.” Danielle said with a wink at the last sentence.

As they worked Jake felt himself struggling to keep his eyes open. His only contributions were an excuse me after a cough or sneeze and by 7:00 he felt as though he was knocking on heaven’s door. He shivered beneath his suit jacket and winter coat even though everyone else had changed into their gym clothes which were kept in the lockers downstairs since most people used the company gym. Even in those clothes they perspired heavily as Danielle had insisted on turning the heat up for Jake. At 7:30 she had enough and barged into the meeting.

“You guys, stop working! There is no way you can send it off tomorrow anyways and Jake is practically asleep anyway. Look at him!” Everyone turned to see Jake with his head on the table snuffling quietly.

“She has a point,” Brandon offered, “and Jake does look pretty bad. If you guys want to keep working, you can but I am going to help Danielle with Jake.” He had known Jake since 5th grade and they had been friends ever since. Brandon was the first to protect him when he needed protecting and it was that time now. Dr. Winkler agreed to stop with reluctance but did help Brandon carry Jake to the couch in the lounge. They could feel the heat in his skin as they laid him down.

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Oh, my, this is getting serious!!! I, too, am glad Brandon as well as Danielle is there. Keep up the great work!!!

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