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Adorable sneeze (m)

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Here's the first obs. ever posted by me :wheels:

So yesterday, as many families do, my family went to brunch for Father's Day. As I made my way to the buffet table, I

noticed a cute boy of about 15. Tall, with pale skin and curly black hair, kind of skinny. As I passed him he got this adorable

pre-sneeze expression and held this huge, white, cloth napkin to his face. It was kind of crumpled and he held it with both

hands. It wasn't folded neatly and it looked a little bit round. His breath hitched and he sneezed twice into the napkin. It was

not a particualy loud or powerful sneeze, but his head did snap forwards and he sniffled a bit afterwards (I walked slowly after

I noticed his expression :laughbounce:). I do not know how to describe his sneezes but they were a bit like higtchoo,

hitschoo. This spelling does not do them justice but it was so adorable! I wish I knew how to scan a picture in because I

would totally draw one for you guys.

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Men who sneeze politely in restaurants melt me completely, especially if they sneeze rather quietly. Thanks for sharing!

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Wonderful first obs! Thank you so much, it sounded very cute! :drool:

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