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Gaara Gets the Sniffles


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We watch as Gaara is in peaceful meditation after defeating Yashamaru. A cool breeze and slight drizzle blew through the dojo he was in. He sniffles a few times. A tear runs down his face as he tries to hold back a sneeze. The more he tries the more it itches. Sensing no one is a round he stifles three sneeze huchummm chummm chummme into sleeve of his attire. Kairi, a local girl in town, happens to be walking by and goes to see if someone is hurt She caters to him as he sniffles and sneezes his cold out of his reddening nose. She decides the air is to cold and snuggles her body close to him to give him extra warmth. He, in a stuffy voice thanks he as he goes "humm chummm chummm chummmm humm chummm chummm chumm They fall asleep together as he sniffles and sneezes.

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