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what?! I missed it! (m)


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Thanks to this sight, and an unusual amount of courage, I told my bf(I'll call him M) about the fetish, which was received rather well. However, ever since I told him he just couldn't seem to sneeze around me(mental block maybe?) even though he tried to several times. Wow I love this guy!

Anyway, today we were just hanging out by the tennis club waiting for the rest of our friends to show up when M got out of the car and let loose a quiet Hammmph! He has this habit of pinching his nose shut when he sneezes which is just so adorable! :lol: He's one of those "polite sneezers" :] which is just so cute. The only problem is that I was waving to one of our friends when it happened so my back was to him and I missed it! Grrrr! Oh well, at least I heard it.

He said he wasn't thinking about sneezing, it just happened(the best kind of sneeze if you ask me); he didn't even notice until after it happened and he gently put his arm around my shoulders. I,of course, was on pins and needles and blushing 10 different shades of red not to mention I was feeling a bit wet :blushing: . Oh the pain/pleasure of the fetish! He was really sweet about it and a little embarrassed and I was a bit :blushing: for the rest of the day. Hehe


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Aw! That was so cute! It's a shame that you didn't get to see it, but to me, the sound is the most important. Thanks for sharing this and welcome to the forum!

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How right you are about the pleasure/pain. Anyway, well done for the courage; and at least this may mean that he isn't going to be too stagefrighty. Sounds like you enjoyed it and the sneezy conversation,

And welcome to the forum.

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