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Self obs - while arranging flowers


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The day isn't over yet, but I sneezed 3 times on different occasions, and if you know me even a little bit you know that's ZOMG ;) a lot :lol: !

But I'm lazy, so I'm only gonna write about the 2nd sneeze because it was also rather different than any and all sneezes I can remember. I woke up early today (especially considering it's not a school day for me) so I was feeling all sorts of alert and productive and decided to make myself useful around the house for a change.

I helped mom do the on-line shopping :lol: (she's a newbie when it comes to the net, but not to worry, I'll help put everything in place when they deliver so I'm not just virtually helping around the house) and some time afterwards my dad came in with the fruit and vegetables (he goes to the market every week for those) and a huge bouquet of flowers. We keep fresh flowers around the house all the time, every weekend it's fruits, vegetables and flowers. My mom is the one that normally arranges them, but this week I was recruited for the task.

First off I was sent around our living room gathering all the old flowers from the different vases and throwing them away, then, I did some de-leaving to some of the tall stemmed new flowers we got. Just sitting around and removing leaves from the stems, took about 5-7 minutes because I have patience and I didn't want to hurt any of the flowers, they have feelings too you know [insert "Awww" sound-effect here].

I was finally done and was about to fill the pot with water when [insert dramatic sound effect here] I felt an intense tickle. I was standing there trying to figure out if I'm going to sneeze when I needn't think no more! "HAIIISHA" this was dry, throaty, and had much more of a punch to it than my regular sneeze, frankly, I was quite surprised with it, it sounded much more mature than my regular sneeze too. I sneezed uncovered to the general direction of the crook of my elbow (but really more to my forearm) and it bent me a little to the side. Later on when I washed my forearm I noticed it's got pollen all over it (definitely from arranging and moving around the flowers).

Pretty odd in my book since no type of flowers ever made me sneeze and I don't think it was the scent in any way. The 2 other sneezes were much before and much after this one, so maybe there's just something in the air? I wonder what...

Anyway I am off to be even more useful and cook dinner! cheers.

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Awwww bless you AG. :D I love your obs. They're written in such a fun way. :(

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