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Sos and wavs


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Hello there! My bf already knows about the fetish and was perfectly fine with it, give or take some awkward moments. However, we were talking the other day and he asked if all sneezes turned me on. I told him that it depended a lot on the person and my relationship with them.

Then the topic of wavs came up and he started asking me about that. I was afraid to talk about it because it was just so awkward :blushing: and it's one of those things you just know will lead to some "personal" questions that you might not want to answer. :unsure:

Have any of you told your SO about listening to wavs? Were they ok with it? Jealous or even freaked out maybe?

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i haven't told my wife about listening to wavs, but she does know i do. She doesn't have a problem with it, it's not like i'm falling in love with whomever the wav maker is. Also, even though she's willing to indulge me, we know her nose is really stubborn sometimes, and she can't always induce like i would want, but i don't let it get me down :unsure:

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Mr. Aku knows I listen to .wavs and he doesn't care. It's like my "porn." He has a thing for women in sporty attire, so he watches female boxing all the time for that reason. :) It's HIS "porn." He knows I like the SNEEZE, not the person just like I know he likes the LOOK, not the girl. :blushing:


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sadly, i havent exactly told my bf yet. he doesnt even really know about the forum. i want to show it to him, but im still not sure how its going to go over. he does know about the fetish though, but hes kinda ... er.. slow? :blushing: and i dont think hes figured out that i have listened to wavs or even considered the fact that i could possibly do it.

psh... men.

why do we have to spell everything out for them???

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