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Freezer section sneezes


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Today while shopping in the freezer section, I felt a sudden tickle in my nose and, try as I might to prevent it, I sneezed a sudden, powerful, HEETCHOO! Into my arm. Looking around, I noticed one of the ladies who was in the aisle kind of gave me a dirty look, presumably because she thought I sneezed on the food. Not much of obs, but I still thought I should share. :unsure:

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Hahahaha I've gotten those weird looks too >.<

I stifled a sneeze once and put my hand in front of my face. Nothing came out so my hand was still dry and all but my hair had flipped in front of my face so i ran my hand through it to fix it. Some woman looked at me like i was disgusting, thinking i had wiped snot in my hair :wheels:

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Guest Leonard Fairbanks

I am a bit of a germophobe, but I hate when people give dirty looks to people because of sneezing. It makes me want to *pop* smack someone upside the head. :wheels:

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