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Well remember the guy from my last obs? Well our parents got together again and we were "stuck" together. Since it's summer we have alot more time to go out and do stuff, that's why our visits have been so frequent. :wub:

It all started with a hug hello, and we sat outside near the pool.

I used to live in a sort of complex with condos and junk, the pool was for the people living there. So yeah. Since it's still his neighborhood, we decided to go over there. Boy I miss that neighborhood, it was a great place to grow up.


We didn't plan on swimming, just hanging out. There were only a few people there which really was a shocker. Considering it was summer and BLAZING hot in Cali.

With the heat brings the allergies, and with the allergies brings the cute and sneezy boys. :laugh:

Soooo anyway. We were just talking, and it went something like this.

Him: Remember when we were little?

Me: Ha, yes. You were a brat.

Him: Shut up, you weren't that much of a thrill either. :laugh:

(We both laugh)

Him: Ugh, I need to sneeze...again...

Me: (Thinking) AGAIN??? HOLY CRAP! :cryhappy::omg: (Un-thinking) Oh...

(He developed an adorable pre-sneeze face. He didn't have a hankercheif, so he turned his head to the side and sneezed into his arm.)

Him: HEANXT! HEASHOO! HEASHHHH! HEASHOO -sniff- Ugh... :blushing:

(He was REALLY embarassed)

Me: (Thinking: OMG! :lol: ) Oh, Bless you.

Him: -sniff- I neeb a tissue. Cab we go back to the house? (He was congested, and even more embarassed :lol: )

Me: Sure :)

(So we walk back to his house. It's not too far away from the pool.)

Him: Ok, hold on.

Me: Alright.

(He goes into the next room and blows his nose. When he walks out his nose is all red and ADORABLE.)

Him: Do you know how MUCH this SUCKS?

Me: Nope. Can't say I do.

(He laughs)

Him: Want to watch a movie or something?

Me: Sure...

(So we watch a movie. He rented Happy Feet. I saw it a billion times already and was much more interested in watching him.)

Him: HEANXT! ugh Huh...HEASHOO!

Me: Bless You. Bad allergies huh?

Him: Yea...

(That's basically how it was for the rest of the movie. :laugh: Hope you enjoyed it.)

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