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And 3 more!


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Now these are all of Meg from a separate story where she's having trouble with her allergies. I used a reference for the second one.



And no sneezing in this one, but she's a bit sniffly..and trying to entice Hercules anyways...I think its going to work. wink.png


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I don't know what to say...Wow! These are wonderful, by far some of the best artwork I've ever seen. No offense to any of the other artists, you're all great. Just...Wow!

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My GOD that is sexy!! :yes::winkkiss: Her expression in the third picture is just... GHAAA SO HOT!!!

You're such a talented artist! :drool:

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Your drawings are always great and these are maybe my favorites from you so far. I just love how you draw the expressions (and I like how you drew the pollen in the first pic). :wub: Thanks!!

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:laugh: These are GORGEOUS!! I can't get over how exact your Meg is!!! :laugh: I adore the last image....it's seductive, beautiful and wonderfully tasteful. Thank you so much for sharing! ;)
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You guys are sweeties! :blushing: Thanks so much for replying.

Aku, I'm glad you think my Meg is so exact, I've worked on her for a long time :) She's my hero. (and so is Herc of course ;) )

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