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Here comes november (fic f) - (6 Parts)


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The restaurant was dimly lit, like someone threw a silken cloth over a lamp. It was cozy, with leather seats and a candle lit on every table. It was warm, but occasionally when someone walked in or left, the opening of the door would bring in a gust of the cold November wind. Glenn and Ashley were nestled in the corner closest to the door, with no one seated at the tables around them.

"So I have the final exam tomorrow." Glenn was picking at his food at Ashley watched his ice blue eyes glow from the flame of the candle, "I'd rather stay and spend some time with you, I've been so busy lately I feel like I've been neglecting you." He looked up across the table at Ashley, brushing back his light brown hair from his eyes. He smiled at her.

Ashley rolled her eyes, "I've told you, it's fine. I understand how busy you are. I get busy too. The thing is we just gotta pull through, you know? All the commotion will die down eventually and things will get back to normal." Someone opened the door, letting the cold air in. It seemed to blow straight at Ashley, like she was its target. Her blonde hair flew in front of her face. She pushed it back and sniffled. "Is that why you took me out today, because you feel bad, Glenn?"

He shrugged, "I guess. That, and I missed you, so it was my own little idea to catch up on things." He looked across at her dinner plate. "You done eating hun? You haven't touched your food in a while. You must be full?" Ashley nodded. "Alright," Glenn responded holding up his finger, "Check please." Glenn focused his attention back to Ashley, who was wearing a black dress with thin straps. Her hair was down and curly, just past her shoulders, and she was wearing the necklace he bought her 2 months ago. "Hun, aren't you cold?"

"Eh, the occasional draft from the door gives me shivers, but other than that I'm perfectly fine." She smiled.

"Here's your check sir." The waitress came out of nowhere, "The circled number is the balance you have to-"

"ESCHOO! *sniffle* Excuse me." Ashley blushed and fingered the straps over her purse sitting on her lap.

The waitress walked away and Glenn took care of the bill, looking up at Ashley every few seconds.

She caught him, "What? Is there something on my face?" She giggled.

"No, you just look beautiful." Glenn responded.

"Well, thank...You....Heh-heh-Itshoo!" She rubbed her nose, which was slowly getting pink. "Eshoo!"

Glenn's eyes shot up and locked with Ashley's, which were slightly watered. "Bless you darling. Are you okay?" She nodded. "Okay, well we'll get you out of here anyway before you catch cold." He got up from his seat and offered his hand. She accepted it and laughed.

"One problem with that," she started, "I don't get sick." She slipped on her coat and walked out the door after Glenn. The door closed, but this time she wasn't inside in the warmth, she was in the cold. "You dont have to walk me home, it's only a couple of blocks." He turned her head and gave Glenn her gorgeous smile.

He laughed. "Not with the way you're looking, my dear." They both laughed before he added, "And you said it yourself, it's only a couple of blocks, it's not a big deal. Ash, could you zipper up? It's cold."

Ashley shook her head. "Can't. Zipper's broken. Trust me if I could zipper it up I would've already. Everytime the wind kicks up I feel it blow straight through me and my jacket." She shivered. "Itshhhh!!" She sneezed wetly into the air in front of her and sniffled, "Ugh, sorry. Didn't feel it." She blushed again.

"Bless you. You're alright. We're almost to your aparetment anyway."

Thank the lord Ashley thought to herself. One more block, and she was going to be warm again. Glenn started up a conversation about his family and what he was going to do for Christmas with them, and in no time they were at the front steps of Ashley's apartment building.

Glenn took both of her hands. "I had a wonderful time with you tonight. You really are a joy to be around." He kissed her on the cheek.

"Well thank you for taking me out. I-I-Etshhh!" She sneezed into her elbow. "Sorry. I was saying, I had fun today also."

"You ok?"

"Yes. Never better." She kissed his lips and opened her door, watching him walk down the porch and onto the sidewalk. She closed the door behind her, feeling bad for lying, and sneezed a "HEHCHOO! ACHOO!" before walking upstairs into her apartment.

Should I write more?

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Here's part two:

Ashley's apartment was dark. Cold, too. She forgot to turn the heat up. She walked to her bedroom and got into her bed. It was warm. Ashley turned the light on next to her on the table, and started reading a book she got months ago. She wasn't really paying attention to what she was reading, she was thinking about Glenn and how stressed out he'd been about the exams he had to take for the middle of they school year. It was his second year of college, and he barely made it by the first year, so he thought he should step it up. College was very important to him.

Ashley felt a the tickle began to grow in her nose. She rubbed her nose, and dismissed it from her mind, putting herself back in the book she was reading. The tickle intensified. She stopped reading tilted her head back. Her nostrils flared and she let out a loud "HEHCHOO!" She was actually surprised she sneezed so loud, and stayed still for a few seconds, to see if anyone around her apartment had heard.

"Man, I feel like crap." She said to herself. She thought about picking up the phone and calling Glenn, but she turned and looked at the clock. 12:55. No doubt he was asleep right now. "He needs his rest," she decided, "He has tons of things on his mind." She coughed into her cupped hands and decided that she too should go to sleep if she wanted to feel better by the morning. She turned and grabbed a box of tissues, blew her nose forcefully, and turned off the light. She was asleep in no time.

When she woke up it was still dark. She was cold, but sweating. Ashley rolled over and looked at the clock. 3:35. She had felt worse than before. It was hard for her to swallow, and she could not, for the life of her, breathe out of her nose. She felt she needed Glenn, but was not about to disturb him and get him worried. "I won't." She whispered hoarsely. She got out of bed, and went to the bathroom to find her thermometer, and returned to her bed once she got it. Her whole body ached, and it hurt to move. She slid the thermometer under her tongue and watched the clock for 3 minutes. 101.1. "Damn it." She fell back into bed and coughed. She turned and picked up the phone next to the box of tissues, then put it down again. "I won't. I can help myself."

She got out of bed slowly, and walked to the kitchen. She boiled some water, inhaling the steam, hoping to clear her nose. Much to her dismay, the steam made it worse, bringing the tickle back to her nose. She sat staring at the water, then sneezed, "ITCHOO!" She doubled over, and when she brought herself back up, she let out another, "ACHOOOO!" She held her head and closed her eyes. When she decided that she was okay, she grabbed a tea bag, poured the water into a coffee mug, and made herself some hot tea.

The tea soothed her throat, but didn't help for long. She laid on the couch, turning on the T.V. Ashley thought of Glenn, and decided she couldn't take it anymore. She was going to play it cool though, she wasn't going to get him all worked up. She sneezed once more, "ITshhhh." And sighed. "I will." She picked up the phone and dial his number.

"Hello?" The tired voice picked up after two rings.

Keep going?

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Yes, yes, yes! this is going wonderfully....especially since I hope she is now going to CONFESS all about her sneezing, and with any luck apologize for being a horrible denier.

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Oh, yes, please keep going!! Poor Ashley, she's so sick! ;) I'm glad she's finally going to call Glenn. I imagine he'll give her the loving care she needs ( at least I hope so).

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Part 3:

"Hey." She answered.

"What's going on? What happened are you alright?!"

"Woah relax..." She regretted calling him. Just a tiny bit.

"Well you dont normally call me in the middle of the night!" He was worried, she could tell.

"Baby, I can't sleep...Could you put me to sleep?...Maybe??" She decided not to tell him what was really going on. Not yet.

"Uhm, yeah sure...Why can't you sleep?" Glenn rolled over and turned on the light so he would make it easier for himself to stay awake.

"Can't get comfy." She lied. "My room is...Really w-warm...Hxgnt!" She stifled the sneeze into her shoulder.

"Bless you! Hun, you sound kinda bad...Are you positive you're not feeling under the weather?" The concern rose in his voice.

"I'm sure."

"Alright uhm...How do you want me to put you to bed?"

"Just anything you can *cough* think of I guess. You always have *cough* a way with *cough* making me more relaxed *cough cough* Work your charm sweetie...EEECHOO!"

"You're sick." He found out.

"No I-"

"Babe..." She heard the warning in his voice.

She gave in. "A cold. Maybe. I just dont want to complain to you cause it's only a little bit of sneezing and coughing."

"Is that it?"

"...Yes...." She said sheepishly, "....No....I got a sore throat."

"Fever?" He asked.

"No." Lies lies. Thats all she could think of. But it was because she didn't want to put more pressure on him...So that's okay, right? And besides it was only slight.

"I'm coming over. Right now." He hung up.

More coming soon.

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Part 4...Is it? Oh well, NEXT PART!

There was a knock at the door. Ashley had fallen asleep on the couch a few minutes before, but awoke when she heard the knocking. She knew it was Glenn, he had told her he was coming over, so who else would it be at 4 in the morning? With difficulty she got herself up and off the couch and walked over to the door, holding a tissue under her nose. She opened the door, and saw Glenn standing there with his bed-head and a very concerned look on his face.

"Well, don't you look awful." He kissed her cheek and came in.

"Thanks." She sniffled and coughed into her tissue, "That makes me feel better."

"I'm sorry. I'm just worried. You do look sick hon..." He held her hand.

"Just a cold...HECHEWW!" She sneezed in his direction freely, but didn't think she hit him..."Oh my god I'm so sorry..."

He laughed. "Bless you! And dont be sorry you're fine. Do you have thermometer?"

She stiffened. She told Glenn she didn't have a fever. She didn't want him any more worried than he was, but she didn't expect him to come over and ask for her temperature. She thought quickly, "Somewhere, I can't remember where I put it after I used it earlier. I dont really feel like looking for it. If you want to you're more than welcome."

Glenn nodded. "I'll just check in the bedroom. Is that where you took it?" Ashley nodded while he walked away into the bedroom.

Five minutes later Glenn came back into the living room to find Ashley sprawled out on the couch with tissues all around her. "Well," he started, "Can't find it. Now all I got to do is see if there is a drug store around that's open this early, or late. However you want to look at it. So I'm going to go to Rite Aid, to see if they have one...And if they dont well, I'll go someplace else." He laughed, "Is there anything else you'd like?"

"Actually no thanks, I'm starting to feel a bit better I-" She stopped, "I-ACHOO!" She cleared her throat, "Now that you mention it, some cold medicine maybe?" She laughed, but then realized she was too weak and decided to give him a smile instead.

"No problem. Just try and rest while I'm gone? It'll be no more than 10 mintues I promise." He kissed her and walked out the door.

As soon as she heard his footsteps disappear down the hallway, Ashley jumped out of bed and ran from the bedroom to the living room, and then to the kitchen. She stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of the living room and sneezed "HITCHEWW!" which made her double over and left her standing there attempting to try catching her breath. Decided to take it easy, she slowly made her way to the kitchen. She went to her freezer, and got out a handful of ice cubes, putting them into a sandwich bag. "Can't let him know how sick I am..." She said to herself while she put the bag over her head. "He'll hate me forever." Just then the feeling in her nose came back, and she let out a "ACHOO!" nearly dropping the bag of ice on her foot.

Five minutes later, Ashley was standing in front of the fridge and freezer door, trying to make herself cooler with a bag of ice on her head. "I must be warmer than I thought." She mumbled as she looked at the bag, which was half melted. She cursed under her breath, before she heard Glenn's footsteps return to her hallway. She jumped, threw out the bag of ice, sneezed, closed the fridge and freezer doors, and ran back to her bed.

The doorknob turned and Glenn quietly entered.

"You don't have to be quiet hon, I'm still up! HEHCHOO!" She shouted from her bedroom and blowing her nose.

Glenn walked into the room, holding a thermometer in his left hand, and some cold medicine in his right. "Ta-daaaa." He sat down on the edge of the bed near her, opened the thermometer and slipped it under Ashley's tongue.

She sat there holding his hand, thinking to herself, "Man, I hope I cooled myself down."

Still more coming....

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I know Ashley is so concerned about telling Glenn the whole truth about how sick she is, but she really should be honest. She needs some serious care, and he's obviously the right person to give it to her. Glenn is just wonderful!!! Great job, can't wait for the next part!!!

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Haha, this is awesome. I don't think a bag of ice on your forehead is going to work after like 10 minutes, lady. XD Let's see what happens next~!!

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Here's the next part! Sorry it took so long I've been really good with keeping this story going but my internet died and I finally got it back again today! Anyway, here's the next part:

Glenn took the thermometer out from under her tongue and looked at it. His eyes narrowed. "Ashley, you have a fever. Of a 102.2?" He glared at her. "Somehow I think you already knew about this?

Ashley stared at the ground and coughed. "Yeah, I just didn't want you to get worried with everything going on lately. I mean the last thing you need is your girlfriend getting sick, which I admit, am."

The look in Glenn's eyes was a cross between sorrow, disappoitment, and sympathy. He cared deeply for his girlfriend, but it still hurt him that she would try and hide something like that from him. "Hon," he began, "I love you, and you know that. But I thought that we could tell each other everything when someone isn't right? I mean keeping something like this can be dangerous. What if your fever got really high, so high to the point where you didn't know what was going on around you? No one would be able to help, and that wouldn't be good. You gotta tell me stuff, Ash...No matter how stressed I am or whatever, still no excuses." He took her hand.

"I'm sorry..." Her eyes welled up with tears. She didn't feel good, she was coughing and sneezing and had a fever. To top it all off she'd worried her boyfriend and she could tell that she had disappointed him.

Glenn put his finger to her lips. "Listen, I'm not mad or angry. I'm alright and everything will be okay between us. But from now on you can't hide stuff like that from me. I'm probably more stressed out now than I would've been if you had just told me earlier when I asked. But honestly Ash, what is the matter with you? What doesn't feel good?

"The whole list?" She asked. Glenn nodded. "Well," Ashley started, "My head feel like it's going to explode, my throat is dry and itchy, so I'm coughing a lot, I'm kinda dizzy, my nose is really stuffed up but it doesn't help if I try and blow it, and I'm sneezing. Actually no, scratch that, I'm sneezing A LOT."

Glenn agreed. "Yeah, that's the most I've heard you sneeze since we started going out. I kinda knew something was up but I trusted you when you said that everything was okay."

Ashley lowered her eyes. "You know, you dont have to take care of me if you dont want to. I mean I could understand if you wanted to leave or some-ITCHOO! ITSHHH!" She sneezed into her cupped hands.

"God bless you!" Glenn handed her a tissue which she happily accepted and blew her nose. "No, I want to stay with you. Good thing I got some cold medicine when I ran to the drug store. I'll just go make you some tea or something to clear your nose and you can take some medicine, okay?"

Ashley nodded and wiped her red nose on her tissue which was wrinkled in her fist. "I'd like that a lot, th-tha-ACHOO! Sorry. Thanks." She laughed and laid her head on the pillow behind her.

Glenn came over and kissed her lips. "Good, because doctor Glenn is in the house and he isn't leaving until his patient is feeling a bit better."


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Definitely!! I loved this part!! Glenn's mix of emotions over the situation was perfect!! :wub: I love that he's so concerned and is going to stay with Ashley and take care of her. And he kissed her on the lips. Guess he's not afraid to catch her bug...

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I don't know where to go from here you guys =(

What do you think? Tell me what you want peoples :-P

Take this as you will, but for me just more of Glenn's caring would be great, and then maybe he could catch Ashley's cold? It obviously doesn't bother him to be close to her while she's sick, so maybe they could be sick together, and then as Ashley gets better she can take care of him? Just some ideas.

I think this is a great story and I hope you'll continue it. :laugh:

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Next part, sorry it took so long. Writers block, i suppose :wheels:

It was 5 in the morning. Glenn had to "get up" in an hour and be to his testing site by 6:30. He was on the couch watching some show, while Ashley was laying her head down on his lap, snoring lightly out her mouth due to the failure to breath out of her stuffy nose. She was warm, but cuddled up tightly in a ball with her blanket around her, shivering slightly every few minutes. Glenn kept his hand on her back, to reassure her that he was still there.

Within a few minutes Ashley stirred a bit and opened her eyes. Her face was glistening with sweat, and she threw the covers back over her. She slowly sat up with Glenn's help and got a sip of water.

"Hey sleepyhead how're you feeling?" Glenn grabbed her hand to find that it was surprisingly cold.

Ashley coughed and rubbed her forehead with her hand. "Not much worse. Not much better. The same I guess." She shrugged, turned the side and sneezed into her fist. "HEH-choo!"

"Well, bless you!" Glenn got up and got the thermometer. Returning back to Ashley he explained, "One more time before I have to go." He gave her the thermometer and Ashley stuck it under her tongue.

Two minutes later she took the thermometer out and gave it to Glenn. Glenn held it up and announced, "102.1...Poor thing." He got up to get her some more medicine and came back with a few pills and a big cup of tea.

Ashley thankfully took the tea and took the pills. "So are you coming back after you exam?" She coughed into her hand and he rubbed her back. "I don't really feel like being alone...I mean I can take the time when you have the exam, but it would be super nice if you came back after if you didn't have any plans?" She felt a tickle in her nose and tried to get rid of it by rubbing it.

"Of course. I'll stay with you as long as I can, then I'll go, hurry up and come back to you. Is alright if I use your shower then?" Glenn asked.

Ashley felt the tickle build and she held her hand out in front of her face, waiting for it to come, hitching her breath, and let out a "ACHOO!" then said "No, take your time on the exam, it'll be alright."

"Bless you. And I'll just jump in the shower and I'll be back in a bit"

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