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Poor Suffering Thing (m)


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Victor has been ill with a severe migraine headache for the past two days; he spent most of yesterday collapsed on his bathroom floor, but managed to drag himself back to the bedroom today. I went over to see him tonight, to take him some food and see if I could make him more comfortable, since he can't move at all without excruciating pain and dizziness. I did feel very badly for him, because he was clearly miserable, but not so miserable that he didn't look ridiculously sexy with his dark copper-threaded wavy hair all loose and tousled on the pillow, and a rakish three-days' growth of beard.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed talking to him when he put a hand in front of his face, took a short shuddering breath and sneezed a deliciously wet but rather quiet "Ha-ESSHHHHoooooo!" He sighed afterward, and said: "That's the first time I've sneezed in 48 hours."

How fortunate I was to be here for it, I thought, but what I said was: "Oh, honey -- I hope it didn't hurt your head too much."

"It could have been worse," he replied. He sounded a little congested after this, so I thought there was probably at least one more sneeze "lurking around," as he puts it. I helped him sit up so he could drink some ginger ale; maybe the carbonation tickled his nose . . . twice he got a sneezy-ticklish look and put his wrist in front of his nose and mouth, with a couple of hitched breaths but no sneeze. After he was done with the soda, he suddenly covered his face with the crook of his elbow and sneezed a loud, desperate "UHRUSSSHHHHOOOOO!" which was followed by a series of wet sniffs. I asked him whether he wanted a tissue or something to blow his nose, but he said he was too exhausted to deal with it. He put his poor achy head on the pillow and I held his hand until he fell asleep.

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ahhhh... poor thing. That's nice that you were there for him, and even better that you got a little treat out of it.

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Poor Victor.

Hope he's better soon and it was nice you could look after him!

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Awwww, poor baby! Loved this obs, though! Especially the part where he put his wrist in front of his nose and looked all ticklish, and then finally sneezed into his elbow! Yum!!! Thank you for sharing, and I do hope he's feeling better!

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Omg, don't give me EVIL IDEAS for torturing someone in a story, woman! :lol: I found that ridiculously endearing. Thank you for sharing! I always love your obs about "Victor." :hug:

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Thank you, Aku -- actually the scenario did strike me as fetish fic gold. As it turned out, "Victor" did not have a migraine; he had a viral inner ear infection, and had to go to the emergency room the night after this obs was written. He's been recuperating at his parents' house for a week now -- I'm hoping to see him again someday, but his recovery is excruciatingly slow, poor thing.

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