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My First Obs :P (2 Male)


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ARG!!! I both hate and love my job. And here's why.

I work as a guard for a security company. My post right now is out on a beach in a nearby town. I make sure people don't bring glass or alcohol out. I was sitting at said post when I heard the first sneeze behind me. I turned around to look. For some reason, I never have the decency to be discreet >.< There was a guy, about 21 years old, sitting on a motorcycle about 10 feet behind me. I watch, transfixed as he lets loose another "Hupcha!" :cry: Unfortunately, that was the last from him :laugh:

About an hour later, in a very similar place behind me I hear "Xghnt". I turn again, staring like a freakin idiot. -.- It was a guy about 19 or so years old sitting on the bumper of some beat up piece of junk car. I waited for another, but nothing happened. So I turned around, rather disappointed and JUST as I looked away, he did it again. So of course I'm thinking "D'OH!"

Those aren't the only ones from today, but they were the only ones I can really remember :unsure: So ya :o Good day at work, Bad job. hahahaha

<>< Shiromaru ><>

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