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Right then. Well, last week was my last week of term at uni and we had pretty much nothing to do, so one day we’d gone for a sort of day trip to a nearby city. Anyway, the day was pretty uneventful, but the drive back was much better! The guy who was driving has awful hayfever, so bad that I feel really sorry for him at times, because he really suffers, sadly it’s not just sneezing! He’s not the same guy as from my last obs by the way, let’s call this guy T – he’s medium height and slim but not too skinny, he’s got a few muscles, mid brown hair, nice brown eyes and a fairly big nose, it’s kind of ‘hooked’, although that makes it sound horrible, when actually it’s not…sorry, not doing the best job of this description! His sneezes are very harsh, dry and cough-like, not my favourite kind, but the quantity of them make up for it (he insists that no allergy medicine works at all on him, so refuses to take anything, which is fine by me :laugh: , so I could fill pages with obs on him, but I’ll just narrow it down to one day for now!)

Right, so he’s driving us back, with the window open (he nearly always does this, even though I’m sure this is what makes him sneeze?!), I was sitting in the back seat on the left, so had a perfect side view of his face. He was doing something he does pretty much non-stop all summer, rubbing his nose kind of like he’s wiping it on his hand – he rubs his whole palm up from under his nose, upwards, and sniffs. He suddenly sneezed (no warning, no build up, no nothing, which is usual for him) ‘hur-ahoo, uuach-oo, hahoo’ and he often sneezes in either doubles or triples, so I didn’t think this was going to be anything special, but he didn’t stop there – another two, then a slight pause, then another triple. For part of this we’d been stopped at some traffic lights, but he’d carried on after we moved off, and even after this first eight he just didn’t stop sneezing: he had another triple and then as we got to a petrol station really near to home he said ‘Ohh, guys, gotta stop and get some tissue’ (which I loved because it implied he just couldn’t wait or make it the rest of the 2 minute journey back to uni!) He went and bought some tissues, but blew his nose before he got back to the car (sorry to all of you who like that, but just hang on a little bit). I don’t think he sneezed while he was out of the car, but I obviously wasn’t craning my neck to see, in a car with 3 other people :blushing: (none of whom commented on his sneezing, by the way) He got back and we went back home, uneventful for the rest of the journey.

Later that evening, I was in his room with just him and one other person, we were watching TV and he was once more doing the rubbing his hand up from beneath his nose thing in between rolling a cigarette, and he had a wad of tissue with him, which he never *blew* his nose into, but would frequently quickly wipe his nose with, bringing it up with 2 hands and squeezing both sides of his nose. He sneezed twice early on in the evening, quite loudly really: ‘hurrACK…*sniff*…ackkkkk’. Then we carried on watching TV (he was sitting at his desk, a way in front of me, so again I had a pretty good view) and he’d been sniffing constantly all night, then he suddenly leapt up, and decided to comment on something in the conversation as he started walking to the bathroom, and mid-way through his last word he launched into a fit of 5, and as he was talking to me and the sneeze clearly came pretty quickly, he was facing me and sneezed uncovered, with a very nice pre-sneeze face (short, but very desperate-looking) and then turned away and sneezed another 2 before he made it to the bathroom, slammed the door shut and I could hear him sneeze once more openly then one final time, muffled into tissue I guess. I also heard him blow his nose quite wetly, but also fairly softly (the walls are fairly thin, and I really get the impression he doesn’t like blowing his nose in front of people, seeing as he just sniffs and wipes constantly), then he came back out and went to sit down, in silence, not commenting at all on any of it (fortunately!) And that was about it for the evening, pretty nice though, hope you liked!

Also, quick bonus obs, if you can be bothered to keep reading! It happened last summer, but seeing as I’ve only just joined you now get some selected obs from the last 19 years as well as recent stuff. It’s really short, only 2 sneezes, but the situation/comment made it very nice (at least in my opinion!) Let’s call him P: P is a very good-looking guy, my age, I might have a *tiny* crush on him. :wub: He’s average height and build, very dark hair, tanned skin (his parents are Italian) and just generally :lol: . Yes. So, we were outside a bar one night last summer kissing (outside because one of my friends who was inside liked him a lot..I know, evil aren’t I?? :twisted: ), when he pulled away from me, and I was like ‘what’s wrong?’ and he said, ‘Nothing, I just need to sneeze and I’m *guessing* you don’t want me to do it all over you!’ * :P:omg::P !!! Then he sneezed twice in quick succession, very wet, lovely sneezes in my opinion (maybe I’m a bit biased!), and quite high-pitched, like he was messing around a bit. Kind of like 'eeehSHUUU...iihhhSHOO'. But anyway, I’d managed to giggle nervously and hopefully not give away the fact that the answer to his question in my head was…well, you can probably guess  :innocent:

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Ok, this was so wonderfully hot that I just... :P :P :lol: !!! EEEEE, awesome obs! Very well-written and not too long AT ALL! :wub:

Thanks a LOT for sharing! :twisted:

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Absolutely yummy obs!!!! :nohappy: I know what my answer would have been... :P Thank you for sharing, and feel free to tell us about any obs, no matter when they occured!! :laugh:

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