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Horrible, hateful cold!


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Ok, well, I've had a cold since last Thursday, and I actually thought maybe it wouldn't be that bad since it was taking FOREVER to reach my nose. Usually my cold timeline goes like this -

Day 1 - yuck/sore throat, nose fine/unaffected

Day 2 - throat perfectly fine. By the end of the day, nose has begun running, is stuffed and sneezy/irritated

Day 3/4 - nose problems, sneezing, etc, but improving

Day 5 - almost fine again, just a bit of congestion/snuffles at back of throat

But this one is like this -

Day 1 - yuck throat, nose unaffected

Day 2 - really sore throat, nose unaffected

Day 3/4 - headache, throat fine, nose unaffected until Sunday (end of day 4) night when the left nostril began running, stuffy, sneezy, etc

Day 5 - headache, left nostril still bad but not as much, thought I was improving

Day 6 (today) - headache, right nostril is now evil

It seems to be moving incredibly slowly, this cold, and affecting each nostril separately. STUPID COLD!

I keep sneezing today SO much. I was hoping to feel a lot better, but no. :winkkiss: This is the worst I've felt the whole time. I have a pile of tissues here just so I don't have to keep getting up for more, as for the past 3 hours I've been having to blow my nose (right nostril mainly) every minute or so...SO ANNOYING!

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