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My wife and I have just got back from a two-week holiday in Canada where we were staying with some Chinese friends of hers. This couple have three attractive daughters, or to be more accurate two attractive daughters and one stunningly beautiful one, the youngest, 19-year-old Amanda. Amanda is slim and petite with long blackhair, and is not only gorgeous but also very sneezy, and as it was hay fever season in Vancouver I was treated to some great displays. Amanda seems to be at her sneeziest in the mornings and in the evenings, and always has some great build-ups. The first sign of a sneeze was when she started getting a faraway, sleepy look in her big brown eyes. Her eyes would flash several times, she would start sniffling and wrinkling her nose, her head would go back and ahhhhh.......ahhhhh.......ahhhhh......CHOO! CHOOOO!!! CHOOOOO!!!! CHOOOOOO!!!!!! She would often have fits of four or five sneezes. One curious feature of her sneezing is that she did not use her hands to shield her nose, but rather always sneezed into the crook of her elbow.

Actually, the weather in Vancouver was cool, damp and rainy, so the pollen count was presumably low. I wonder how many times Amanda would have sneezed had it been higher. As things were, the sight of a beautiful teenage Chinese girl sneezing her cute little head off made this one of my more memorable holidays.

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Whereabouts in Canada were ya? Good obs, by the way! :dribble:

EDIT: D'oh! I just noticed you already said it. Hehe.

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now that's what i like to see :twisted: too bad i didn't!!! damn it *grumbles angrily*

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