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Gundam Wing COMPLETE! (finally) - (4 Parts)

Quite Contrary

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Title: Apologies

Author: me

Fandom: Gundam Wing

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue. Happy?

Warnings: I dunno, post-war, which means nothing to me b/c I've only seen 1 episode :laugh:

Summary: why don't you just read and find out? :D

So, here's da fic! Sorry, not a lot of sneezing in this 1st part and it's pretty short.


Heero never paused in his typing. Duo was home.



"Duo!" Heero called, "There is a specific spot where your backpack is to be kept. Put it there!"


Heero blinked. That was certainly not the response he expected. He had expected one of many colorful and witty remarks about just where Duo could put his backpack, and that was not one of them. The dark-haired boy frowned and saved his work as Duo walked into their shared bedroom.


As Duo walked into their shared bedroom shivering. Heero could hear the American's teeth chattering. He swiveled his chair to look at him and raised an eyebrow. The braided baka scowled.

"S-stupid teacher wouldn't lemme close the d-damn window. Some kid s-stole my jacket 'n it started rainin' w-when class got out," he muttered, glaring at the rain-streaked window.

Heero glanced at the window and frowned. When had it started raining? A soft "hh...hitshew!" brought his gaze back to Duo. "You didn't take the bus?" he asked.

Duo ran a hand through his sopping wet bangs and mumbled something incoherent. The eyebrow went up again. "Pardon?"

Duo grimaced, "I said, I missed it."

Duo caught Heero's smirk out of the corner of his eye and glared. He snatched some clothes out of the dresser and stomped into the bathroom, cursing the ex-pilot under his breath. Heero's smirk faded and he turned back to his laptop.

Duo came out of the bathroom, his wet hair still dripping behind him. He'd changed into loose black pajama bottoms and a black T-shirt. Duo curled up on his bed, shivering. A frown marred Heero's features. The braided teen hadn't showered to warm up or even made an effort to dry his hair. "Duo?" he asked, somewhat hesitantly, "Are you alright?"

Duo shrugged, rubbing at his nose with a soft sniffle. Heero held back a sigh, "You shouldn't go to bed with wet hair. You'll get sick."

Duo snorted softly, "I'm not getting sick, Heero."

Heero frowned deeper as he watched Duo give a full body shiver. The baka probably had a fever by now. "I thought you said you never lie," he muttered.

Duo sat immediatly, the effect of his furious glare dampened by the hurt lurking in his wide blue-violet eyes. The teen was out of the room in the blink of an eye, his braid just barely making it through the door before it slammed behind him.

Heero released a sigh, dropping his head on the desk with a thud. One hand searched out the vidphone. It was time to call in the reinforcements.

(TBC, assuming people are interested in reading more... :) )

Sorry if it was too short but I'm still figuring out where I'm going with this thingy and I didn't have a lot of time. :P

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Please do continue. Very promising start.

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Gah, sorry for the wait people. My computer had to go away for repairs but it's back now so I can post more story!! Thank you for responding, I'm so glad you all liked it! :laugh: So here we go.

Part 2:

Quatre's face popped up on the screen, his greeting cut short as he spotted the dark head resting on the desk. Aqua eyes widened as he murmered, "I'll go get Trowa, then."

The banged boy appeared moments later as Heero raised his head from the desk. Trowa smirked and Heero frowned at him. It wasn't funny.

"Duo is ill."

Trowa's visible eye widened, "Talk."


Heero walked almost silently into the "living room" of their apartment, carrying a towel and Duo's brush. He spotted the braided teen huddled in the window sill. Duo saw his reflection in the glass and frowned slightly. He was about to tell Heero to fuck off, but a softly voiced question made him freeze.

"May I?"

Heero's face and tone were carefully neutral, so that only his eyes could betray any emotion. He held up Duo's brush. Duo's expression was shocked. He worked his jaw several times before thinking of anything appropriate to say in response to the surprising offer. But before he could reply, he felt a familar feeling creep over him. Duo held up one finger, telling Heero to wait. The dark-haired teen watched as Duo's expression changed from shock to something akin to desperation. The finger wavered slightly as the back of the other wrist came up against Duo's nose. His breathing hitched slightly.

"Hh...hih-itschu! Ngk-shu! Heh...hiihh..." Duo flinched against the back of his wrist with each sneeze, but the last one seemed to stick. He looked up, blinking several times but the lack of light did nothing to help him, so the sneeze faded and he settled for sniffling slightly against his wrist.

He blinked at Heero. "You sure you want to?" he asked with a wry grin, "It's kind of a rat's nest."

Heero nodded resolutely and Duo gracefully left his perch to sit on the couch with Heero. Duo sat Indian style with his back to Heero, who sat similarly. Heero carefully unbraided Duo's hair after attempting to dry it a little. Slowly, he began to brush out the lengths of cheshnut, starting at the bottom and working his way up gently. Duo startled him once by snapping his head forward slightly with several stifled, "Ngkt! Ngk-shu!" 's but Heero never faltered. The amethyst-eyed boy slowly relaxed into Heero's touch, leaning into the brush. Heero could feel the tension leaving Duo's shoulders. He was beginning to lose himself in the silken hair when Duo spoke softly.

"I don't, you know."

Heero waited for Duo to continue, letting his silence speak his confusion.

Duo released 2 sneezes before continuing, "Hxtschu! Hixshu! I don't lie. I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't getting sick."

Heero didn't say anything, afraid whatever he said might offend him. Duo sighed softly, "I'm not getting sick. I AM sick."

Heero nodded, "Next time, would you tell me? And if you need a ride, call, Duo. I'll come get you. I promise, I'm here for you."

He let the brush fall to the side. Duo sighed and leaned back against the dark haired boy, sniffling slightly. He tilted his head up to look at Heero and smiled, "I know you are, Hee-chan. Arigato."

(TBC if you people want)

Ok, slightly more sneezing in this part. Hope you guys like it. :hug: I can leave it here or write more, whatever people that are reading this want. It's up to you guys. :omg:

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I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but here's the wiki for Gundam Wing for those who don't know much about it it will give you the basic and links to pics and stuff.

Gundam Wing Wiki

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Okay, I know I let this slide for a long time, buuuuut...I'm gonna try and pick it back up again and hope the inspiration comes back full force. :unsure: So! Next part.

Part 3:

Duo relaxed against Heero for a while after that, the sniffling becoming more frequent. Heero, unsure of what to do in this situation, finally offered to make something for dinner.

Duo sat up and shrugged. "Sure, but I'm not really all that hungry..." he trailed off sheepishly.

Heero frowned hearing this. Duo had to be sick if he was going to pass up a meal. He nodded shortly and wandered into the kitchen to see if he could find something that might get Duo to eat. His thoughts were cut off by several, wet-sounding sneezes from the other room.

"Hih...Hih-iggshew! Eshew! Hehh...heh-ESHew! *snff*"

There was a pause where silence filled the apartment, before a rather embarrased voice made itself known. "Heero? Do we, umb, do we hab ady tissues? I'd really like the adswer to be yes...."

Heero noted the thick congestion with concern. "Under the bathroom sink," he called back.

There were some shuffling noises and then a door shut. Heero shook his head. Baka. Heero puttered around in the kitchen for a while, praying to whatever god might be listening that this came out tasting good. After all, he'd never made chicken noodle soup before...


Heero finally turned off the stove and went in search of Duo. The braided boy was found curled up on the couch, wrapped in the throw blanket from his bed and clutching a box of tissues. He also seemed to be staring at the wall. Heero's eyebrows went up, "Duo?"

Duo seemed to come out of his daze with a rather unexeptected, "Hh-heggSHU!" which he curled inwards at and ended up smacking his forehead into the corner of the tissue box. He sat up immediately, rubbing at his nose with a used-looking tissue with one hand and rubbing at his forehead with the other. A mild frown marred his features as he murmured a soft, "Itai..."

Heero came around to sit next to him for a minute. He took one look at the American and decided that he didn't like what he saw (which was unusual for the dark-haired boy :proud: ). The American was paler than usual, except for a distinct flush in his cheeks and the slightly pinkened tip to his nose. His blue-violet orbs were slightly glassy, all evidence pointing to a fever. Heero laid the back of his hand against Duo unnaturally warm forehead. Duo leaned into the touch with a soft, tired smile and a contented sigh. That is, until a familiar tickle returned to torment him.

Duo's breath caught, hitching in a manner that told Heero to back off unless he desired an unorthodox baptizing. Heero had never really gotten into religion, so he removed his hand and sat back a little. Duo's face fell, his nose scrunching up slightly, "H-hihhh...Hh-itschu! Ngk-shu! Ngk! Ngk-sshh!"

Duo's eyes fluttered open momentarily, and he removed his hand from his nose, gratefully accepting the tissue Heero offered. His breathing hitched again and his eyes snapped shut, "Mmpk-shu!" He seemed to give up on stifling as a painful waste of time, "Hiih! ISHew! Hh-iggshew! Jeez, s-stop ihhh...it! YISHoo! Hehh...HEHshew! Heggshu!"

The tickle let him alone long enough for him to blush bright red with embarrasment while softly blowing his nose into the tissues Heero placed there. Finally done, Duo sagged against the couch and let his eyes slide shut for a moment, all worn out. Heero sighed softly, brushing back the braided teen's bangs. "What am I going to do with you, baka?" he murmured softly.

(TBC...assuming people are still reading this :unsure: )

I hope this part was longer, or sneezier, or anything else it was supposed to get. *shrugs* I'm just avoiding my summer homework. :D

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Yup - still reading. :-) Or rather, reading for the first time as I just stumbled across it. I liked this last chapter - desperate sneezing, some tendernes... very sweet.

Continue. We will keep reading. ;-)

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So I know next to nothing about this fandom and it's characters. But I have a pretty clear picture of these boys after reading. I really like the suject and tone of this story. It's very smoothly written and super sweet. It's one of those rare reads I find that squeezes my heart and makes me want more :cryhappy:

"I don't, you know."

Heero waited for Duo to continue, letting his silence speak his confusion.

Duo released 2 sneezes before continuing, "Hxtschu! Hixshu! I don't lie. I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't getting sick."

Heero didn't say anything, afraid whatever he said might offend him. Duo sighed softly, "I'm not getting sick. I AM sick."

That part, especially got me going! soooo cute!

Anyway, I love what you've written so far and I'd love to see more. In my own mind at least, this Duo is adorable, especially when sick!

Keep up the awesome work!


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:lol: Wow! I wanna thank you guys so much for responding to this story. Since this is the 1st story I've posted here, it really means a lot to me!! So glad you people like it! I have good news and bad news. Good news: I have more story for you! Bad news: it's the last part for this fic. :innocent: I'm going to visit family for 2 weeks so I won't have access to this site for that long and I'm afraid the story will just go down the drain b/c the inspiration will go away. SO. I have to wrap it up now. Sorry. However, this was intended to be a 1+2 get-together fic so that is gonna be in this part too.

Part 4:

Heero managed to get Duo to eat some of the soup he prepared before the braided teen was too exhausted. The steam from the soup made Duo very sniffly and sneezy, so he now lay curled up on the couch with tissues as Heero cleaned up the dishes. Heero returned from the kitchen to find Duo dozing on the couch again. He carefully lifted the boy into his arms, cradling him gently as he made his way to the shared bedroom. Duo sleepily snuggled into the crook of Heero's neck, and the dark haired boy felt something inside him melt.

Duo blinked awake as Heero set him on his bed, the light from the lamp on his nightstand causing him to squint. Heero moved around the room, gathering an extra blanket and slipping into the bathroom for some tylenol and a thermometer. He returned just in time to see Duo fumbling for the tissue box as he tried to stave off a sneeze. Heero dropped his supplies on the bed and made it in time to press some tissues into Duo's searching hand.

"Hiih...Yishew! Ih-ishoo! Hehh...Hh-heptSHU! Uhn... *sniff*." Duo blushed darkly as he blew his nose into the tissues. He glanced up at Heero embarrasedly. "*snf* Thanks, Heero," he whispered.

Heero nodded and helped him slip under the covers, settling the extra blanket over him. "I'm going to give you some tylenol but I need to know how high your fever is first, okay?" he asked, preparing to slip the old-fashioned thermometer into Duo's mouth.

Duo groaned, making a face, but opened his mouth in consent. And immediately regretted it at his nose started to tickle. Heero watched as blue-violet eyes widened in panic. Slender fingers rubbed vigorously at a slightly pinkened nose. Duo's breathing began to hitch and Heero willed time to go faster. The minute was almost up and both teens hoped Duo's sinuses could wait. Heero snatched some tissues to give to Duo, who was struggling aroun gasping breaths. Finally, a minute had passed and Heero retrieved the thermometer but wasn't fast enough with the tissues. Duo released a desperate, "Hh-itSCHU!" into the crook of his elbow.

He managed to take the tissues from Heero before giving into the itch. "Hehh...Heggshew! ESHew! Ehh...HEPTshu! Ishew! ISHew! Hih-iggshew!" Duo gave into sneeze after sneeze before the fit finally ended. He blew his sore nose gently and slumped against the pillows, entirely worn out.

Heero took the used tissues from Duo and turned off the lamp before throwing them away. He stood by Duo's bed for awhile and watched the sleeping boy. Oh, how he wanted to....

Heero brushed back Duo's bangs and the teen sighed contentedly. Before Heero knew what he was doing, he leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Duo's lips. Startled, he pulled back and stepped away from the bed before he did anything else to give away his affections. Blue-violet eyes blinked open kittenishly and fear settled over Heero. I've done it now...

Duo turned to look at Heero in the dim light, eyes wide but soft. "Did you mean that, Heero?" he asked softly.

Heero swallowed hard, "Hai. I...I...S-suki da, Duo..."

Duo's eyes suddenly lit up and he motioned Heero closer. The dark-haired boy stepped over to the bed and hesitently sat on the spot indicated. Duo smiled shyly at him, "Love you too, Heero."

Deep blue eyes widened slighly. Duo blushed, "I know this is the part where we're supposed to kiss and all, but this cold really sucks and I don't MMmmm...."

Duo's protests melted away under Heero's soft lips. This kiss ended rather abruptly as Duo pulled away. Heero was slightly hurt until Duo gave a soft, "Heptshu! *snf*" into his shoulder. Duo glanced back up at Heero and blushed slightly, "Sorry."

Heero shook his head. "I plan on taking care of you the entire time you're sick, so if I'm going to catch it, I will. I see no point in missing out on this," he said softly, giving his koi another gentle kiss.

Duo smiled brightly at him, "Then...would you hold me? At least until I fall asleep?"

Heero smiled, "Anytime."

~owari~ :twisted:

Sorry it was so short. And I couldn't adding help the thermometer thing. :blushing: It's one of my favorites! Although this fic was tiny, I promise there will be others. (I actually have several ideas I've been saving! :laugh: ) Some from this fandom, others not. Maybe I'll torture Heero next time, ne? :laugh: Thanks for reading!!!!

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ok I like this story alot, but there were a few pointers that I'd like to show you.

1: Duo's eyes are colbat blue *is a Gundam Wing fan*

2: Suki Da means I like you *friend to friend*

if you want it to be I love you *lover to lover* Aishiteru is the one word that works here. *studies Japanese*

Other then thoes it is an awesome story ^^ hope you write more

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Heheh. :blushsad: Sorry. Like I said, only seen one episode. I just got hooked on fanfiction (in which ppl say his eyes are all kinds of weird colors x.x). And yeah, I know about the whole suki da thing. But I posted this before I could edit, and then forgot about it. Sorry! :wacko:

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WellI'm glad Umeko brought this back up the list becuase I see I started to read it and then missed the rest as I was away. What a cute story. So gentle and sweet.


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