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O'h no Scooby not another sneeze!


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Yes another one of my Scooby drawings. This time he sneezes becouse of his allergy to Cat hair HEE, HEE biggrin.png I can't remember if I posted this drawing way back when or not but what the heck. Scoobys nose just looks like it's made for sneezing besides it's like what Akutenshi says "That's what you DO to Muses! They BEG for it!" biggrin.png


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Of COURSE, darling! :o That is EXACTLY what Muses are for and just like before, I will mention that I don't feel sorry for poor ol' Scoob THIS TIME, either! :laugh:

Great job!!! WONDERFUL desperation in the expression! :bleh:

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Thank you both for your o'h so kind comments :laugh: they just made my day!

Akutenshi, you are right Scooby is just such a fun muse to torture :nohappy:

As for what you said G Sneeze "I can just imagine whats bound to happen next." With Scoobys nose the sneezing possibilities are endless HAA, HAA, HAA :bleh: (EVIL LAUGH!) Still I'll keep you posted :P

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