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Okay, this was a request, and I'd have to say, as much as I love my Mew Mew Vanilla, I think people should LISTEN to me. You know, Pudding sneezed in the series in mew form, but that was a cold. nothing persay got into her an irritated her. It was in her system before. You'd think they'd have a bit of a stronger defense to fight off distractions so they can actually FIGHT. But no. Don't listen to Baniira. She only adored the Tokyo Mew Mew seies and watched it all. She only DESIGNED the character.

But whatever gets those people off, I don't care. I really don't. I just wish they'd friggin listen when I tell them it doesn't make much sense.

But don't let my bitching taint you. I tend to do this a lot.



She's allergic to cats by the way. and holding a charcater named Shirogane Ryou who turns into a cat named Alto at times. (I have a cat who looks like him)

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Great pic! You are so good at drawing... I wish I could be that good... XD I like that she's allergic to cats

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I think she's my favorite out of all of your new characters, Baniira! Maybe I'm just a sucker for kitty ears and tails, but she's absolutely stunning, sneezing or not! :laugh: Hehehe, I find it VERY cute that she's allergic to the cat, yet has ears and a tail herself. That's just too damned perfect! :nohappy:

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Guest Forsaken

Hmm, i cant see the picture :laugh:

could someone like, email it to me or something, if thats not too much trouble *begs* lol :laugh:

My emails on my profile :(


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The image was probably removed by the artist. :nohappy: Generally, if you miss something on the forum, it's best to accept the loss and move on. People tend not to take too kindly to asking about things that no longer exist. :dead: I'm not trying to say don't ask, but I've noticed that is the general concensus around the forum.

I suggest private messaging the artist personally rather than asking for a work publically. :lol:


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Oh, don't be silly! :dead: It's not like you knew! :nohappy: We've just had problems in the past with requesting things that the creator has removed, so that's the only reason I told you. No need to apologize! :lol:


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Well, it appears to be back... and whatever the reason... I'm glad! Really, really cute. :-) Perhaps she's allergic to her own tail...

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