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Hi there,

I was just reading the "Likes and Dislikes" thread, and it made me curious about something: Do you only read the same types of fics for the same reason, or do you read a variety of fics based on the reaction you want to feel or the mood you're in?

I'll clarify by talking specifically about myself. If I want a sneeze fic to give me a physical reaction (i.e. make me horny or even be something I can get myself off to), I will choose a fic which has female sneezing with original characters only. I don't care about plot or sometimes even the quality of writing (unless it's really bad), I just like lots of sneezing and some sexual stuff, but not involving males in any way.

However, most of the time all I'm after is a fic that will give me butterflies in my stomach and/or the warm fuzzies. For this, I turn to m/m fanfics based on my favourite fandoms (most of which alas don't usually or ever have sneezefics written about them!). These need to be more realistic than the others I read, well written, in character as much as possible, and not full of rampant slashiness! I like them to be very light fluffy slash or just deep friendship.

So those are my two preferences that I turn to for different reactions. How about you? :laugh:

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Same for me, and we are very similar in what you described, with a few stipulations. I'd rather the fics be non-slash stuff for both of the occasions. But when I'm looking for something sexual I'll most likely choose a fic about female sneezes. If there's a male in it...doesn't really matter *lol*

For the fluffy stuff, anyone can be sneezing as long as its well written and not too slash/ or over sexed.

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