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Teacher Obs (M) - short but amusing


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Well finally! I think this is the first teacher sneeze I've seen this year (if I've seen any other they must have been so marginal and un-interesting...). Small class, 40 people or so, teacher's talking about something or other, he's a nice guy really, but not my idea of attractive by a long shot, so why obs about it? cause the sound of the sneeze was cute and because he made a little comment sometimes afterwards that made me grin.

Anyway said teacher is probably 45ish years old, broad shoulders and structure, dark hair and a beard (traditional Jewish look), he has a very pleasant voice and he's a very calm, kind and reassuring pleasant individual. He was talking about something when mid-sentence (while I was vigorously writing down notes and sadly not looking up) I hear a "Hg'BSHoo" that was pretty quick and light sounding but oh so distinctively his sneeze. Right after sneezing he excused himself and I didn't hear anyone bless him.

... some time afterwards he interrupts whatever claim he's making about this and that and asks the class: "does anyone have a cold? yes? no? maybe? anyone been sick lately?" he stares into a sea of blank not-cold-stricken faces and adds "Anyone's got a tissue? please?" some girl ruffles through her bag and pulls out a tissue which he then (to my disappointment?) used to clean the white-board :nohappy: did not see that one coming, but he's earned this obs for blessing and for asking a classroom full of people if anyone's got a cold... may more teachers incorporate that into their lecture :laugh:

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That should SO be a question asked in every class! The we'd know who to keep and eye on. :laugh:

But how dare he lead you on by asking for a tissue after saying all that and then just using to clean the board! Blasphemy, I tell you! *shakes fist*

I KNOW! :bleh: but I was so amused by the actual question and the whole scenario that I didn't care it was for cleaning the board and not blowing... and he did sneeze earlier on that class so all is forgiven, what I really can't believe is the lack of sneezing in any and all of my lectures, it's been almost a year and I seriously think he's the first teacher I've seen sneezing... shame shame.

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army-girl, you always have such cute obs! In fact, I would have been seriously disappointed with the use of the tissue myself!! Thanks for a wonderful obs, and well-written as usual, honey! :(

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