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Announcer on radio talking about ...


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This morning my alarm clock radio woke me up with a conversation between the announcer - I noticed his congested voice immediately - and a guy who is predicting the weather.

Until now Belgian summer has been cold and wet. The announcer said : this morning I woke up with blocked sinuses, and I have been sneezing a lot ! Tell me, mr X, is it hayfever ? They were laughing. No, mr X said, the air is pure now, I am afraid that, in spite of the summer season, you may be coming down with a cold. The announcer sniffed a bit and the music restarted.

Mmm, nice way to wake up. Looking forward to hearing that guy again tomorrow morning ...


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Aww that really is a nice way to wake up :wub: makes me want to reconsider my relationship with radio :drool: cheers, thanks for sharing.

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Keep us posted! But I think sneezes on the air are very rare occurrences. And if it happens, I'll bet he stifles! Wanna bet ???

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Yummy! If I could hear some talk like THAT, I wouldn't feel sad about the non-sneezing...that sort of talk is enough to do it for me! (wanders off in a daydream...)

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