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For Chui <3 <3


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Here ya go Chui. This is for making my pants explode with dirk drool.gif


blushing.gif I hope it wasnt too bad. If you cant read the words, this is what they say: Duh... dang cold. I tink im godda... sn..HI'SHUU!


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:cryhappy: oh my...*dissolving into tears of joy and giddy glee*


ohmyohmyohmyohmyohmy.......*runs nakie through the neighborhood* :laugh:

call the fire department!!! right now!! like right now!!!! seriously...my panties...pants...chair and carpet are all aflame!!!! well im probably drooling enough to put out those flames. :laugh:

*gets chased by neighbor with broom* :)

oh my thankee!!! thankee!!! thats so totally what he sounds like too!!!! i :lol: it!!!!

thank you sooooo much!!!

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Love it! I wish I could make my hair as spikey as Cloud's.

:lol: me too! Isn't his hair THE BOMB?! and i NEVER say the bomb :)

Tubas, this is great :laugh: You've really improved!! :laugh:

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Very cute :laugh: I love his facial expression and you did a wonderful job with his hair! *does a lil fan girl dance* hehe

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:) im a bit embarassed to admit....i had my hair cute and spiked just like Cloud's cuz I liked it so much.....I could seriously take this pic with me to the stylist when i get it trimmed...its so perfect!! i really...really...really...really...really...really...really....really....really...i think we get the picture....really....love it!!

again, thank you sooooooooooooooo much. :laugh:

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NYAAAAAAAAA! That is so cute! :laugh: I love the HAIR!!! And the sneeze is really adorable too :) Thanks for sharing very much! :laugh:

Also, for some reason, I really love how you did his nose! I wanna pinch it real bad :lol:

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