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HEAVEN OMG you have to read this !!!! (m)

Guest sandy from paris

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Guest sandy from paris

:Hello !!!

OMG !!!

I am so happy !!!!!

I was with my best friend yesturday night !! He is a very hot man (22 years old) ... i am going to describe him a bit :

he is tall with Green eyes , beautiful mouth ,a beautiful sensitive little nose and a wonderful smile !!!Lot of people call him : Tom Willing because it's his portrait !!! (yes we have wonderful boys in france ;))

So NOW .... OMG ....listen that !!!!

He was at home yesturday night lying in my bed and i was close to him ( yes we are very close since we are child :))

BUt i have forget to say something : i have put a very strong parfum on the pilows ans around my bed ...

I don't know the reason why i do that but i love to have my pilow with parfum ( i am crazy lol)

The moment when he puts his head on the pilow he looks at me and i felt that he was not like usual cause he started to snif a lot ....

I looked at him " hey ... are you ok ?"

Him " Yes don't worry i think that i have a little cold .. my nose is very itchy ... " (when he told me that he twitched his nose with his finger )

Me :( " oh .. okay ... so have u spend a good day ??:) " ( i tried to focus on an other subject .. )

HIM " yes ... yes .. " then he pinchs the bridge of his little cute nose " oooo i don't know what is happening i have a strong tickle in my nose ... "

Me : " oooo ... :rolleyes: maybe you need to blow your nose .. do you want a tissue ??? "

him who rubs his nose a lot " yes yes ... thanks ... I need it ... "

i come back with a tissue " it's for you "

Him " ooooooo thaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa" ( a huge pre snneze face :lol::hug::drool: ) ans then he stifles his sneeze on the tissue and looked at me " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "with a cute snif " sorry i had to sneeze"

me : " oooooooo bless you ....you feel better ?"

Him always sniffling " mmmmmmmmmm i dont know i have the feeling that there is something in my achooooooo achooooooooooooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu "

Me :cryhappy: " oh .. bless you .... you said that there is something in what ??? "

Him with the tissue upon his nose " sorry ... i said that there is something irritant on my nostrils ... i don't know what ... but ... oh gooood ... " then he pinchs his nose " mmmmmmmm gonna sneeze again .... wait ..." then he has the cuttest pre sneeze face that i have ever seen in my life with eyes close and nose who twitch about 15 seconds !!!

" achoooooooooooooo" and then he stiffled 4 sneezes ....

Him " mmmmmmmm ouch my nose ... OMG i am so sorry i don't know why i sneeze so much ... sorry ... " and then " HOLD ON ..... " and 8 sneezes " achoooooooooooo achoooooooooooooo uuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu tichou aaaaaaaaaa tichouuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaa " and he stifled 3 others sneeze

Me : " ooooooo :drool: are u ok ??? "

Him : " i don't know something make me sneeze i can feel it in my nose ... i need to sneeze a aaaaaaaaaaacho ..sorrry a lot ...' then he stifles 3 sneezes " ooooooooooh gosh my nose is killing me and when i stifle it's achoooooooooo sorry .. when i stifle i need to sneeze more !!! "

Me ( i wanted to screaaaaaaaaam , i was so excited ) .. " oh poor baby .... you need to blow your nose ....go on "

Him " no .. not in ( he stifles two ) not in front of u "

Me " GO ON you need it "

him " ok ... " when he puts his nose on the tissue he was still with the pre sneeze face and blow his nose very strong .. that was wet and he blows his nose and sneeze in the same time ( the heaven )

After 10 sneezes he lookes at me with his tissue upon his nose and told me ( OMG) " you know when i massage my nostrils i feel better i don't know why .. the tickle is more important and that make me sneeze a lot ... but i just feel good !!"

Me : :cryhappy: "oh no don't do that sneezing can hurt your nose "

Him " mmmmmmmm atichooooooooo sorry .. no i am okay but it's just crazy when i touch my right nostril that make me sneeze look !!!!!!"

Me " no no it's ok don't do that please " ( i wanted to kiss him lol )

Him " look :) " then he touched his right nostril and " achooooooooo achooooooooooo aichhhh " very powerful

me " bless you sweetie "

Him " massage my right nostril you are going to see "

me " oh are u sure ???? "

Him " yeeeeeeeee :)"

me " ok ok " (MY GOD)

As i starts to massage his right nostril he starts a fit of 21 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG !!!!!

when he sneezed i said " oh sorry it's just my fault sorry " :twisted::twisted::twisted:

After this long fit he looked at me with his beautiful pink nose " mmmmmmmmm i feel tired now ... but thanks i feel better i still have the tickle but it's less stronger than before .... " he gives me a hug and he sneezes 4 times in my arms but like a baby you know .. somethink like "tchii , tchii ; tishouuu , tishhhou ( i was so : :drool::cryhappy: )

After that he needs to leave ... he was so cute .....

that was wonderfullllllll .. i love him !!!!!!

My obs is long but i hope that you have enjoy it : )

Ps : I AM french and i am sorry for the mistakes :blushing:

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Nom de Dieu! You must have been dying of lust. HE...HE asked you to tickle his nose and make him sneeze......and he DID...21 times!!!

It's the stuff that dreams are made on. Heaven indeed.

Erm... Did he by any chance say "Il y a quelquechose qui me chatouille le nez" ?

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Holy God! That was amazing . . . especially that you got to participate! Hmmmm. I think I'd better go spray some perfume on my pillows . . . I'm expecting company tonight.

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That was so :wub::hug::lol: :lol: :drool: :drool: :wub: that is stuff I daydream of Gaara doing that all the time... I mean did I say that :omg:

Such lovely obs :unsure:

Hey, count de tisza, what does, "Il y a quelquechose qui me chatouille le nez" mean? just curious :innocent:

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Holy GOD you lucky, lucky, LUCKY (lucky lucky luck :hug: ) THING!!!! Hnnngg..... you massaged his nose.. :unsure: Jeeezus.... use this perfume again!! :lol:

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This sounds like a fantasy I have, like, all the time! Wow, you lucky woman, you!!! You got to make him sneeze 21 times? Holy cow! And then he sneezed in your arms? Luscious obs, thank you! :omg:

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I was with my best friend yesturday night !! He is a very hot man (22 years old) ... i am going to describe him a bit :

he is tall with Green eyes , beautiful mouth ,a beautiful sensitive little nose and a wonderful smile !!!Lot of people call him : Tom Willing because it's his portrait !!! (yes we have wonderful boys in france ;))

Ok, let me just make sure I'm thinking the same thing, do you mean people call him Tom Welling? Are you saying that he looks like the guy from Smallville? :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

If so, and he was sneezing like this I would have had a flippin stroke. I would have died right there. My god. :omg:

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Guest sandy from paris

i am so happy that you enjoy this obs :wheels:

and yes he sayed " il y a quelque chose qui me chatouille le nez !!!"

and yes he is the potrait of tom willing ( the gay in smallville :drool:)

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and yes he sayed " il y a quelque chose qui me chatouille le nez !!!"

My favourite sentence in French!!!

And it means "There's something tickling my nose" which is good in any language....

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I don't think WOW or HOT are strong enough words to describe what I'm thinking :unsure: That was one great obs. If that had happend to me I would have died and gone straight to heaven ;)

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*thinks of way to respond to this in a PG-13 manner other than the X rated version that keeps popping up*

I enjoyed that....VERY MUCH...twice.



Thanks for sharing.

Tom Welling is THE hottest! and your friend is ahh my fantasy. yum!!! YOU LUCKY GIRL!

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Hoooly-... Man this is just....gah! :lol:

Man this is the best I've ever seen!

Hmmm, perfume on the pillows sounds like a great idea! :jawdrop: Gotta try that sometime. :yes:

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I think your entire description was adorbale and sexy at the same time - shit can I say that? wait now I have to look at your age. LOL Ok I can say it you - very hot. I would have lost it with lust!

And for the pillows and perfume - I ALWAYS spray my sheets and pillows - it is divine!

Truly great obs!


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nice obs, and green eyes...woo =D

moi, je suis (dead). j'adore le garcon.... :dribble:

sorry, I only take the cr@ppy school french...

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