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Summer + Boredom = Requests, Anyone?

Teh Ninjin

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Now. Its become pretty popular to take requests now, but I figure, meh, why not? I'm bored, despite summer school, and I manage to get all (or 93% at least) done. I do drawings, and not really stories. I don't really like to, I don't write stories, just drabble.

But if you tell me about the story I might do it.

I don't do sneeze orgies. So yeah. ;[

But. Have fun. I'm going to summer school be back in three hours XD

- Baniira

PS. I have Fridays off <3

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Sorry to say this the only one I can request without anxiety around it is Gaara, but by now I'm sure you've gotten annoyed with that so maybe you could draw a picture of Sasuke? Not for me although that would be so hot to see... that didn't come out of my mouth :) Just because some others on here would probably want to see Sasuke sneeze... so how does that sound?

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i don't think this has to relate to anything but i was just curious as to what the meaning of the face was (o_O)

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